Added extra call to ask for applications details
[meego-garage:garage-client-services.git] / src /
2010-09-10 Mateu BatleAdded extra call to ask for applications details
2010-09-06 Mateu BatleFixed warning in make docs
2010-09-01 Mateu BatleMerge branch 'ocs'
2010-08-20 Mateu BatleCommitted helper class CachedResult and CachedResultBas...
2010-08-16 Mateu Batleadded set user rating request for OCS
2010-07-19 Jackie WuRemove QtMobility from spec and yaml.
2010-07-17 Mateu BatleUse of gcsDebug instead of qDebug
2010-07-16 Mateu BatleFixed problem requesting applications next pages
2010-07-07 Mateu Batleimproved ocs compatibility
2010-06-29 Mateu BatleApplication:
2010-06-16 Mateu Batle- Basic implementation of OCS catalog, category and...
2010-06-11 Mateu BatleRefactored some classes in subclasses for every specifi...
2010-06-07 Mateu BatleRemoved QtBearer (QtMobility) usage
2010-05-26 Mateu BatleAdded "make doc" support to build doxygen docs
2010-05-05 Mateu BatleAdded parameter GARAGECACHEDIR to project
2010-04-30 Jackie WuAdd multiple xml and repos support. Define catalog.
2010-04-30 Jackie WuMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2010-04-29 Mateu BatleOn netbook was not needed to specify to link qith QtBea...
2010-04-30 Mateu BatleAdded qtmobility bearer to check for network connectivity
2010-04-27 Mateu BatleAdded
2010-04-26 Jackie WuRollback the previous checkin. 0.0.1-build1
2010-04-26 Jackie WuUpdate to 0.0.2
2010-04-24 Jackie WuMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2010-04-23 Mateu BatleMerge branch 'master' of
2010-04-22 Mateu BatleRemoved packagekit interface from Application
2010-04-21 Jackie WuUpdate xml file from website and remove the static...
2010-04-20 Mateu BatleMerge branch 'appstatuscache'
2010-04-20 Xiaoyang Yu (Max)Remove USE_OLD_PACKAGEKIT in pro file
2010-04-19 Jackie WuRemove the packagekit code.
2010-04-16 Jackie WuAdd rpm spec file for packaging.
2010-04-09 Jackie WuAdd dependency to libproxy and libxml.
2010-04-09 Jackie WuRemove the applicationinstaller since it's in Application.
2010-04-09 Jackie WuFixed the noproxy bug.
2010-04-08 Jackie WuAdd http proxy support.
2010-04-06 Xiaoyang Yu (Max)Merge branch 'master' of ssh://
2010-04-03 Jackie WuPorted the xml parser from Bob's mock code.
2010-04-02 Xiaoyang Yu (Max)Add PackageKit
2010-04-01 Mateu BatleAvoid QNetwork dependency for clients using the library
2010-04-01 Jackie WuReorganized the build structure.