2010-04-14 Mateu BatleMore fixes regarding HAVE_OLD_PACKAGEKIT
2010-04-14 Mateu BatleMore fixes around HAVE_OLD_PACKAGEKIT
2010-04-14 Mateu BatleRemoving warning unused var
2010-04-14 Mateu BatleRemoved warning unused var
2010-04-14 Mateu BatleAdding forgotten hunk wiht HAVE_OLD_PACKAGEKIT
2010-04-14 Mateu BatleAdded HAVE_OLD_PACKAGEKIT to new code for users without...
2010-04-14 Xiaoyang Yu... Use QSharedPointer as the package pointer
2010-04-14 Xiaoyang Yu... Fixed package signal
2010-04-14 Xiaoyang Yu... Add getTransaction method in class Application
2010-04-14 Xiaoyang Yu... Update to use API of PackageKit 0.6.3
2010-04-13 Mateu Batleadded signal emited on package resolved
2010-04-13 Jackie WuAdd application search and sort functions.
2010-04-12 Mateu BatleRenamed to resolvePackage (without Name)
2010-04-12 Mateu Batlechanged to more standard C++ idiom
2010-04-12 Jackie WuRemove debug message of image download.
2010-04-09 Mateu BatleFixed conflicts
2010-04-09 Mateu BatleAdded iconType to Image class
2010-04-09 Jackie WuAdd dependency to libproxy and libxml.
2010-04-09 Jackie WuCorrect the parent/child relationship between objects.
2010-04-09 Jackie WuRemove the applicationinstaller since it's in Application.
2010-04-09 Jackie WuFixed the noproxy bug.
2010-04-08 Jackie WuAdd http proxy support.
2010-04-07 Mateu BatleFixed gcs mockup lib to download images if cache size...
2010-04-07 Xiaoyang Yu... Fixed name
2010-04-07 Mateu BatleFixed email address
2010-04-06 Mateu BatleRetrieved some more application properties from the XML
2010-04-06 Xiaoyang Yu... Fixed compile error.
2010-04-06 Xiaoyang Yu... Merge branch 'master' of ssh://
2010-04-06 Xiaoyang Yu... Install/remove/update package using PackageKit-Qt
2010-04-05 Mateu BatleMinor fixes regarding const
2010-04-03 Mateu Batlefixed uninitialized pointer in constructor
2010-04-03 Jackie WuPorted the xml parser from Bob's mock code.
2010-04-02 Xiaoyang Yu... Add PackageKit
2010-04-02 Xiaoyang Yu... test
2010-04-01 Mateu BatleAvoid QNetwork dependency for clients using the library
2010-04-01 Jackie WuFixed the ld problem of test. Still need to specify...
2010-04-01 Jackie WuReorganized the build structure.
2010-04-01 Jackie WuInitial drop of the GCS code.
2010-03-24 Bob SpencerNew project for Garage Client Services