2011-10-10 JF Dingbump version to 0.23 0.23
2011-10-10 JF Dingupdate document files
2011-10-10 JF Dingupdate
2011-10-10 JF DingMerge branch 'merge-requests/5'
2011-10-07 JF Dingtypo in data/GROUPS
2011-10-07 JF DingBMC#23539: more precise req for Icon %post handling
2011-08-24 Olev Kartauremoved what looks like dead code, as it it duplicate 5
2011-08-24 Olev KartauIn case of builder set to cmake, emit "BuildRequires...
2011-08-23 Olev Kartauuse %cmake instead of make;
2011-08-17 Zhang Qiangdeb2spectacle: generate filelist for sub-packages
2011-08-17 Zhang Qiangspec2spectacle: Ignore os and arch dependency
2011-07-25 Zhang Qiangdeb2spectacle:More fixes while generating YAML file
2011-07-23 Zhang Qiangdeb2spectacle:drop more deb field and fix type error
2011-06-20 Kalle LampilaBMC#18173: Added error checks for placeholders validity...
2011-06-20 JF Dingavoid crash when unavailable subpkg placeholders in...
2011-06-20 JF Dingtestsuites: new case for systemd support
2011-06-20 JF Dingtestsuites: new case for path macros proposals
2011-06-20 JF Dingtestsuites: new case for arch prefix for 'Files'
2011-06-20 JF Dingtestsuites: update output checking according recent...
2011-06-05 JF DingBMC#17388: FEA, support auto %post* scripts for systemd...
2011-06-05 JF Dingauto requires for systemd service
2011-06-05 JF Dingmore file path rpm macros supported
2011-06-05 JF DingBMC#18226: FEA, suggest for %{_bindir} like macros
2011-06-05 JF Dingcleanup dead code for deprecated key Documents
2011-06-05 JF Dingdeb2spec: read binary Version from .dsc
2011-06-04 JF Dingdeb2spec: drop more debain only fields
2011-06-04 JF Dingunicode handling in dumper
2011-06-04 JF Dingdeb2spec: convert the comparison in depends keys
2011-06-04 JF Dingput 'SCM' key in order in the output YAML
2011-06-04 JF Dingnew tool deb2spectacle added
2011-05-22 JF DingMerge remote branch 'merge/build-fixes'
2011-04-16 Anas Nashifsyntax
2011-04-12 JF DingBMC#15752: FEA, arch specifying support for Files
2011-04-12 JF DingBMC#15013: squeeze out all empty values from list keys
2011-04-11 JF DingBMC#15643: *.desktop in subpkg cannot trigger auto...
2011-03-31 Anas Nashifa couple of warning fixes
2011-03-12 Jon NordbyBuild: Install python code to DESTDIR 4
2011-03-12 Jon NordbyBuild: Use PYTHON envvar if set.
2011-03-11 JF Dingappend lost file for testsuites
2011-03-11 JF Dingclearer errmsg for reserved spec sections for lost...
2011-02-25 JF Dingbump version to 0.22 0.22
2011-02-25 JF Dingupdate README
2011-02-22 JF Dingupdate testsuites according recent changes
2011-02-22 JF Dingmore clear msg for error "Description"
2011-02-22 JF Dingadd 'NoIconCache' key to disable ops explicitly
2011-02-17 JF DingFix BMC#12975: need not gtk-update-icon-cache for Qt...
2011-02-17 JF DingFix BMC#12494: update pkgconfig-provides.csv
2011-02-16 JF DingFix BMC#12248, BMC#12111: udpate valid GROUPS according...
2011-02-16 JF DingFix BMC#11661: more generic services files matching
2011-02-16 JF DingFix BMC#12725: Description should be mandatory and...
2011-02-16 JF DingFix BMC#12720: crash with empty %files section in ...
2011-02-16 JF Dingspec2spec: update for spec heads checking
2011-02-16 JF DingFix BMC#11262: more friendly msg for YAML syntax errors
2011-02-16 JF DingFix BMC#12235: crash with subpkg without Name
2011-02-14 JF DingFix BMC#12333: more expanded values for arch armv7
2011-02-14 JF DingFix BMC#11766: friendly handle for unexpect extra spaces
2011-01-27 Kalle LampilaFix MBC#11619: skip %exclude files in when it parse... 2
2011-01-07 Kalle LampilaRemove try-except that hide some error situation withou... 1
2011-01-07 Kalle LampilaAdded check that packages in spec sections exist in...
2011-01-05 Kalle LampilaFix MBC#11166: Added missing initialize extra flags...
2010-12-09 JF Dingrewrote some code of arch namespace handle
2010-12-09 JF Dingupdate README with arch support changes
2010-12-09 JF Dingmake "autogen" to run ./configure automatically
2010-12-09 JF Dingoutput fixing for series.conf
2010-12-09 JF Dingtestsuites updated for recently changes
2010-12-09 JF DingEnhanced arch namespace support: armv5 and armv7
2010-11-26 JF DingBMC#10495, handling of tarfile and its filename
2010-11-26 JF Dingfixed regex of duplicate cleanup checking
2010-11-24 JF Dingbump version to 0.21 0.21
2010-11-24 JF Dingbetter to make 'RunFdupes' as list typed key
2010-11-24 JF Dingfix of str type keys checking
2010-11-19 JF Dingdistinguish the logger output from different tool
2010-11-19 JF Dingspecify --newsub to add new sub-pkg quickly
2010-11-19 JF Dingcleanup the use of print statement
2010-11-19 JF Dingbetter support of AutoReq/Prov/ReqProv keys
2010-11-19 JF Dingwarning for gplv3 in license
2010-11-18 JF Dingfeature: new yaml template for new pkg convinience
2010-10-19 JF Dingnew module vercmp for better version comparison
2010-09-21 Anas Nashifadd new keyword: AutoReqProv
2010-09-18 JF Dingcorrect test cases for latest changes
2010-09-18 JF Dingafter 0.20 release
2010-09-18 JF Dingpump version to 0.20 for new release 0.20
2010-09-18 JF Dingqmake support for other distros
2010-09-17 JF Dingbetter logger.ask and new non-interactive running mode
2010-09-17 JF Dingupdate README and new test suites for new keys
2010-09-17 JF Dingadd new key 'QMakeOptions' for qmake builder
2010-09-14 JF Dingcreate Makefile from template if not exists
2010-09-14 JF Dingwhen downloaded new src tarballs, try to rm olds
2010-09-14 JF Dingadd new test case for qmake builder
2010-09-09 JF Dingspecify version checking justified for ~pre ones
2010-09-08 JF Dingupdate testsuites
2010-09-08 JF DingMerge branch 'qmake_patch'
2010-09-08 JF Dingalwaysrun update-desktop-db when UpdateDesktopDB is...
2010-09-07 JF Dingdistro checking for new %qmake macro for multidisros
2010-09-07 JF Dingapply Fathi's qmake builder enhancement patch
2010-08-24 JF Dingdecent quit with fail open of data files
2010-08-24 JF Dingmore precise warning for not-needed Configure
2010-08-23 JF Dingpump version to 0.19 for new release 0.19
2010-08-20 JF Dingspecify: decent quit when empty yaml file met
2010-08-16 JF to support optinal 'develop' install mode