2010-02-23 JF Dingpump vertion to 0.13 0.13
2010-02-23 JF DingMakefile: split extra stuff from standard
2010-02-23 JF Dingupdate Makefile for untagged version
2010-02-23 JF Dingini2spec: move old Makefile to backup
2010-02-23 JF DingMore decent handling for interrupt download
2010-02-23 JF Dingwarning for corrupt tarballs if found
2010-02-23 JF Dingspec2spec: better parsing for configur options line
2010-02-23 JF Dingmake all tools can work outside package dir
2010-02-23 JF Dingchanged the path of original spec file backup
2010-02-23 JF Dingwrapper raw_input using logger.ask for clear output
2010-02-23 JF Dingcleanup for all printing code using logger
2010-02-23 JF Dingspec2spec: split mutiple reqs in one line
2010-02-23 JF Dingfixed: more accurate match of '-devel' sub pakcages
2010-02-23 JF Dingspec2spec: fixed wrong parsing of options of header...
2010-02-23 JF Dingspecify: find sourceprefix in tarballs, need to strip...
2010-02-23 JF DingMerge commit 'origin/master'
2010-02-23 JF Dingspec2spec: fixed bug for warning output
2010-02-23 JF Dingupdate documents: TODO README examples
2010-02-23 Anas NashifAdded System/Desktop
2010-02-23 JF Dingchanged logger msg colors
2010-02-23 JF Dingremove workaround changes
2010-02-23 JF DingMerge commit 'origin/master'
2010-02-23 JF DingAdded new modules
2010-02-22 Anas Nashiftemporary workaround for logging
2010-02-22 JF Dingmanaged all warning printing and colorized them
2010-02-22 JF Dingspec2spec: change for different default 'Configure...
2010-02-22 JF DingMerge commit 'origin/master'
2010-02-22 JF Dingfixed pre-process for different boolean keys
2010-02-22 Anas Nashifupdate TODO
2010-02-22 JF Dingupdate TODO
2010-02-22 Anas Nashifremove extar debug print
2010-02-22 Anas Nashifhandle requires with versions when detecting pkgconfig...
2010-02-21 nashifAdd perl package support
2010-02-21 nashifAdd perl package support
2010-02-21 Anas Nashifremove pkgconfig
2010-02-21 nashiffixed indentation
2010-02-21 Anas NashifMerge branch 'master' of
2010-02-21 Anas NashifAdapted groups
2010-02-21 nashifinstall group file
2010-02-21 Anas NashifCheck for approved groups
2010-02-21 Anas Nashiffixed usage of UseAsNeeded
2010-02-21 Anas Nashifpkgconfig data
2010-02-21 Anas NashifMerge branch 'master' of
2010-02-21 Anas NashifGive info about possible usage of pkgconfig
2010-02-21 JF Dingupdate document
2010-02-21 JF Dingadd support for bool keys NoAutoReq and NoAutoProv
2010-02-21 JF Dingini2spec: add support for boolean type keys
2010-02-21 JF Dingadd new bool key 'UseAsNeeded'
2010-02-21 JF DingUpdate TODO with current progress
2010-02-21 JF Dingspec2spec: no need to specify spec-path in cmdln and...
2010-02-21 JF Dingspecify: no need to specify yaml path in cmdln now
2010-02-21 JF Dingini2spec: no need to specify inipath in cmdln now
2010-02-21 JF DingLocaleOptions should be list typed
2010-02-21 JF Dingspec2spec: more accurate parse for find_lang
2010-02-21 JF Dingini2spec: LocaleOptions will trigger auto LocaleName
2010-02-21 JF Dingspecify: check static libs and support keeping static
2010-02-21 JF Dinghandle duplicate values of auto-generated ones
2010-02-20 nashifAdded date, better info handling, ..
2010-02-20 nashifbump version to 0.13~pre
2010-02-20 nashifVarious fixes:
2010-02-20 nashiftry to get prefix from tarball name if other things...
2010-02-20 JF Dingfixed typo in comments
2010-02-20 JF Dingspecify: use urlgrabber to download src files
2010-02-20 JF Dingspecify: reorg scm/download-src code and fix bug for...
2010-02-20 JF Dingspecify: if 'SourcePrefix' not specified, detect from...
2010-02-20 JF Dingspecify: check the types of list-type keys and tolerate...
2010-02-20 JF Dingini2spec: update the key table for convert
2010-02-20 JF Dingspecify: checking the validation of 'Description'
2010-02-20 JF Dingini2spec: skip missing expected files with warnings
2010-02-19 Anas Nashifinclude yaml as Source100
2010-02-19 Anas NashifAdd TODO
2010-02-17 nashifbump version 0.12
2010-02-17 nashifFixed setup
2010-02-16 nashifCustomize %setup section more
2010-02-13 nashifRemove %dist
2010-02-11 Anas NashifSupport fdupes
2010-02-11 Anas NashifVarious fixes and enhancements
2010-02-10 JF Dingupdate README with more important notes 0.11
2010-02-09 JF Dingpump version to 0.11
2010-02-09 JF Dingunify the optparse handling in all tools
2010-02-09 JF Dingdid not release spec-checknew in package
2010-02-09 JF Dingspec2spec: check if spec-build ini exists
2010-02-09 JF Dingnewkey bool 'SupportOtherDistros' for clean output
2010-02-09 JF Dingdropped 'Documents' key in YAML, puts them to %files
2010-02-08 JF Dingspec2spec: do not reserve origin scripts in new spec
2010-02-08 JF Dingfixed: %post -p /sbin/ldconfig only when lib only
2010-02-08 JF DingMerge branch 'newtool'
2010-02-08 JF Dingadd search method: fetch upper level url for download...
2010-02-04 JF DingAdd new tool to detect newer version
2010-02-04 JF Dingcleanup code for __version__ string
2010-02-04 JF Dingcleanup code of SCM handling
2010-02-04 JF DingREADME: remove mentions for advanced patches syntax
2010-02-03 JF Dingremove extra_sections, add option %check section
2010-02-02 JF Dingwithout 'SourcePrefix' just use name-version
2010-02-02 JF Dingupdate match rule for INFO files
2010-01-30 JF Dingdetect share libs: when "/" in files
2010-01-30 JF Dingfix: leading '*' need quoting in yaml dumping
2010-01-30 JF Dingtmpl: remove --record-rpm for python-install in SUSE
2010-01-30 JF Dingtmpl: for python pkgs, "--record=x" is NOT useful
2010-01-30 JF Dingsupport patch options for Patches