2010-02-10 JF Dingupdate README with more important notes 0.11
2010-02-09 JF Dingpump version to 0.11
2010-02-09 JF Dingunify the optparse handling in all tools
2010-02-09 JF Dingdid not release spec-checknew in package
2010-02-09 JF Dingspec2spec: check if spec-build ini exists
2010-02-09 JF Dingnewkey bool 'SupportOtherDistros' for clean output
2010-02-09 JF Dingdropped 'Documents' key in YAML, puts them to %files
2010-02-08 JF Dingspec2spec: do not reserve origin scripts in new spec
2010-02-08 JF Dingfixed: %post -p /sbin/ldconfig only when lib only
2010-02-08 JF DingMerge branch 'newtool'
2010-02-08 JF Dingadd search method: fetch upper level url for download...
2010-02-04 JF DingAdd new tool to detect newer version
2010-02-04 JF Dingcleanup code for __version__ string
2010-02-04 JF Dingcleanup code of SCM handling
2010-02-04 JF DingREADME: remove mentions for advanced patches syntax
2010-02-03 JF Dingremove extra_sections, add option %check section
2010-02-02 JF Dingwithout 'SourcePrefix' just use name-version
2010-02-02 JF Dingupdate match rule for INFO files
2010-01-30 JF Dingdetect share libs: when "/" in files
2010-01-30 JF Dingfix: leading '*' need quoting in yaml dumping
2010-01-30 JF Dingtmpl: remove --record-rpm for python-install in SUSE
2010-01-30 JF Dingtmpl: for python pkgs, "--record=x" is NOT useful
2010-01-30 JF Dingsupport patch options for Patches
2010-01-30 JF Dingupdate README with latest changes
2010-01-29 JF Dingconsider 'BuildArch' in the format converting
2010-01-29 JF Dingspec2spec: add cmdln option to stop builder parsing
2010-01-29 JF DingAdd 'SourcePrefix' for pkgs with weird prefix path...
2010-01-29 JF Dingauto-deps for sub-pkgs, consider Epoch situation
2010-01-29 JF DingAdd 'Epoch' support in tmpl and converting
2010-01-29 JF Dingspec2spec: optparse to choice whether replace macros
2010-01-29 JF Dingspec2spec: enable to reserve macros and transfer to...
2010-01-29 JF Dingmore precise macro replacing
2010-01-29 JF Dingtmpl: add 'FilesInput' key for extra %files source
2010-01-29 JF Dingtmpl: 'Provides/Conflicts/Obseletes' for sub-pkgs
2010-01-29 JF DingUse 'no-builder' instead of 'no-make' of Builder
2010-01-29 JF Dingspec2spec: loose match rule for release string
2010-01-29 JF Dingspec2spec: rewrite 'Source/Patch' parsing to reserve...
2010-01-28 JF Dingremove all the ugly strailing spaces in tmpl
2010-01-28 JF Dingupdate README and general.yaml for last changes
2010-01-28 JF Dingini2spec: move used spec-builder files to subdir
2010-01-28 JF DingAdded 'extra sections' customized part in spec
2010-01-28 JF Dingauto Requires(post/postun) for Lib
2010-01-28 JF Dingspec2spec: detect '%find_lang' for LocaleName
2010-01-28 JF Dingshould parsing %doc files for extra info
2010-01-28 JF Dingfixed bug in parsing customized lines in spec
2010-01-28 JF Dingauto-requires(pre/post) for subpkgs, and careful postun
2010-01-27 JF Dingupdate match rules for info files in files parsing
2010-01-27 JF Dingcleanup code for 'files' handling
2010-01-27 JF Dingcleanup code for old specfile handling
2010-01-27 JF Dingspec2spec: more precise match rule for configur/make
2010-01-27 JF Dingspec2spectacle: fixed un-unified key names
2010-01-27 JF Dingspec.tmpl: add 'Requires(preun)'
2010-01-27 JF Dingspec.tmpl: Requires(pre/post/postun) for subpkgs
2010-01-27 JF DingRename README back and update the content
2010-01-27 JF Dingnew: auto-download src pkg for new version
2010-01-27 JF Dingmore loose match rule for lib files
2010-01-26 JF DingNeed to add buldingpath for 'setup' rpm macro
2010-01-22 JF Dingpump verstion to 0.10 0.10
2010-01-22 JF DingRename 'Extras' to 'ExtraSources' for more clear
2010-01-22 JF DingRewrite README as the tutorial doc in markdown
2010-01-22 JF Dingupdate match rule of 'makeinstall'
2010-01-22 JF Dingmore careful quote when dumping yaml
2010-01-22 JF DingAdd 'Extras' keywork in spectacle yaml
2010-01-22 JF Dingini2spectacle: need special handling for ConfigOptions
2010-01-18 Anas Nashifuse %makeinstall for non moblin distros
2010-01-18 Anas Nashiffixed conflict
2010-01-18 Anas Nashifsupport post,pre,postun Requires
2010-01-18 JF Dingpump version to 0.9 0.9
2010-01-18 JF Dingmore safe backup for origin spec file
2010-01-18 JF DingAdd Provides/Obsolets/Conflicts in spec.tmpl
2010-01-18 JF Dingspec tmpl: use make_install macro only for moblin
2010-01-17 JF Dingspec2spectacle: install scripts auto parsing
2010-01-17 JF Dingspec2spectacle: better handling for sub-packages
2010-01-15 JF Dingspec2spec: change except handling for unknown spec...
2010-01-15 JF Dingtypo fix
2010-01-15 JF Ding'devel' sub-packages should not ldconfig in post/postun...
2010-01-15 JF Dinguse "-p ldconfig" style for post/postun script
2010-01-13 JF Dingtreat all numberic value in yaml as string
2010-01-11 JF DingMerge branch 'newtool'
2010-01-11 JF Dingnew 'Builder' value 'no-make' to prevent generate make
2010-01-08 JF DingAdd 'PostMakeExtra' expanding for ini2spectacle
2010-01-07 Anas Nashifsupport locale options
2010-01-04 Peter ZhuAdd gzip archive support
2010-01-04 Anas Nashifpython is now a value of Builder
2010-01-04 Anas Nashifpython is now a value of Builder
2010-01-04 JF DingAdd new tool spec2spectacle
2010-01-03 JF Dingmake 'python' as a value for 'Builder', instead of...
2010-01-03 JF DingMerge remote branch 'origin/master'
2010-01-02 JF Dingmake 'Documents' as list type directive
2010-01-02 JF Dingusing 'configure' as default when no 'Configre' in...
2010-01-02 JF Dingduplicate items of Documents in *.ini
2010-01-02 Anas NashifMerge branch 'master' of 0.8
2010-01-02 Anas NashifVarious fixes and improvements
2010-01-02 JF DingIcon files handling in spec.tmpl
2010-01-02 JF DingRe-structure for extra values in convertor/dumper
2010-01-01 JF DingMerge remote branch 'origin/master'
2009-12-31 JF Dingfix capital problem in source ini file
2009-12-31 JF Dingupdate for %doc directive for sub-packages
2009-12-31 JF Dingnew ESC method for yaml line with leading '%'
2009-12-31 JF Dingbug of multi "doc" handling