support exclusive arch and fixed desktop handling
[meego-developer-tools:spectacle.git] /
2010-02-21 Anas NashifMerge branch 'master' of
2010-02-21 Anas NashifGive info about possible usage of pkgconfig
2010-02-09 JF Dingdid not release spec-checknew in package
2010-02-08 JF DingMerge branch 'newtool'
2010-02-04 JF DingAdd new tool to detect newer version
2010-02-04 JF Dingcleanup code for __version__ string
2010-01-11 JF DingMerge branch 'newtool'
2010-01-04 JF DingAdd new tool spec2spectacle
2009-12-29 JF DingMake VERSION as the only decision of release version
2009-12-29 JF DingAdd version tracking in spectacle package
2009-12-21 JF DingRe-construct the layout of modules
2009-12-19 JF DingAdd tool ini2spectacle for ini -> yaml transition
2009-10-10 Anas Nashifcleanup
2009-10-09 Anas Nashifadded