2010-08-23 JF Dingpump version to 0.19 for new release 0.19
2010-08-20 JF Dingspecify: decent quit when empty yaml file met
2010-08-16 JF to support optinal 'develop' install mode
2010-08-16 JF Dingspecify: bug in warning for subonly keys checking
2010-08-09 JF Dingspecify: only expand outpath in other dir for clean
2010-08-09 JF DingREADME: add intro of 'series.conf' for patches
2010-08-09 JF Dingspecify: no warning for pkgbr in subpkg if empty main pkg
2010-08-09 JF Dingspecify: checking duplicate cleanup in install_post
2010-08-09 JF Dinginstall: show warning if not using `make install`
2010-07-30 JF Dingwarning and ask to continue when lower ver spectacle...
2010-07-30 JF Dingspecify: warning for 'Epoch'
2010-07-30 JF Dingspecify: bug of output_path cmdln options
2010-07-29 JF Dingspec2spec: can parse macro of rm/make
2010-07-23 JF Dingtestsuite: update for changes and 5 new cases
2010-07-23 JF Dingtypo checking for PkgBR and URL
2010-07-23 JF Dingupdate sample yamls and TODO
2010-07-23 JF Dingadded all dist packaging files to /dist
2010-07-23 JF Dingrewrite the code of color log output
2010-07-12 JF Dingspecify: warning when generating a NEW spec file
2010-07-12 JF Dingcorrected misleading header line in spec template
2010-07-12 JF Dingupdate README for commments of LocaleName usage
2010-07-09 JF Dingcheck invalid 'Configure' set for special builders
2010-07-09 JF DingMerge remote branch 'gitor/master'
2010-07-09 JF Dingmore decent method to avoid number parsing in YAML
2010-07-09 JF Dingfixed bug in unicode handling for Non-ASCII chars
2010-07-08 Anas NashifAdd cmake support
2010-07-08 JF Dingfixed bug in subpackage valid keys checking
2010-07-08 JF Dingupdate README for RunFdupes comments
2010-07-07 JF Dingpump version to 0.18 0.18
2010-07-07 JF Dingupdate README
2010-07-07 JF Dingtestsuite: new cases for new added features
2010-07-06 JF Dingadd missing %post/postun Icons handle for subpkgs
2010-07-06 JF Dingappend missing %pre/preun schema files handle for subpkgs
2010-07-06 JF Dingcheck duplicate scripts to auto-generated part
2010-07-06 JF Ding"Prefix" spec key support
2010-07-06 JF Dingspec2spec: alias of requires(pre) and buildconflicts
2010-07-06 JF Dingspec.tmpl: added all valid keys for subpkgs
2010-07-06 JF Dingwarning for PkgBR keys in sub-packages
2010-07-06 JF Dingaccurate valid keys checking for sub-packages
2010-07-06 JF Dingyaml dump: quote strings with ":$"
2010-06-25 JF Dingspecify: check duplicate 'ldconfig' in %post/%postun
2010-06-23 JF Dingsanity check for valid Configure/Builder
2010-06-23 JF Dingmore checks for duplicate "%defattr" lines
2010-06-21 JF Dingupdate README and testsuites for recently changes
2010-06-21 JF Dingnewkey: BuildConflicts in YAML for the one in spec
2010-06-14 Anas NashifAdd license per sub-package if available
2010-06-08 JF Dingspec2spec: bug in parsing special perl requires
2010-05-28 JF Dingupdate README
2010-05-20 JF Dingqmake Builder: need extra params for %make_install
2010-05-18 JF Dingupdate README for new key 'RpmLintIgnore' 0.17
2010-05-18 JF Dingtestsuites: add cases for py_mod inst path checking
2010-05-18 JF Dingchecking for python modules install path
2010-05-18 JF Dingfiles parsing: use 'elif' to be more efficient
2010-05-18 JF Dingpump to 0.17
2010-05-16 JF Dingtestsuites: udpate for latest changes and newkeys
2010-05-16 JF Dingnew key: UpdateDesktopDB to flush desktop cache explicitly
2010-05-16 JF Dingfixed for Debian based systems
2010-05-13 Anas Nashifuse RPM_BUILD_ROOT for older distros
2010-05-13 Anas Nashifuse RPM_BUILD_ROOT for older distros
2010-05-13 JF Dingspec2spec: another macro definition "global"
2010-05-08 Anas Nashifcatch more info files
2010-05-06 JF Dingspecify: tolerance for absence of 'Sources'
2010-05-06 JF Dingspecify: update for checkings of keys
2010-04-28 Anas Nashifuse *.desktop instead of *
2010-04-28 Anas NashifDo not handle desktop files not in applications/*
2010-04-22 JF Dingpump version to 0.16 for release 0.16
2010-04-22 JF Dingtestsuites: add case for new key 'NoDesktop'
2010-04-22 JF Dingspecify: new key 'NoDesktop' to skip desktop files
2010-04-22 JF Dingupdate README
2010-04-11 Anas Nashifsupport rpmlintrc ignore
2010-03-31 JF Dingpump version to 0.15 0.15
2010-03-31 JF Dingtestsuite: cases for checking for setup keys
2010-03-31 JF Dingdoc: update README for namespace supporting
2010-03-31 JF Dingchecking: no-effect combine of setup keys
2010-03-31 JF Dingfixing of support ARCHs checking
2010-03-31 JF Dingspec2spec: various enhancement/cleanup of msg show
2010-03-30 JF Dingspecify: option --skip-scm to skip fetching from SCM
2010-03-30 JF Dingcatch yaml syntax errors when loading
2010-03-30 JF Dingdecent quit when ^C pressed when asking input
2010-03-30 JF Dingtestsuite: update and new cases for autoreqs handling
2010-03-30 JF Dingtmpl: remove auto requires handing from tmpl to python
2010-03-30 JF Dingtestsuite: update for changes of desktop files handling
2010-03-30 JF Dingfiles: run update-desktop-db for desktop files in post...
2010-03-30 JF Dingfix: namespace disturb in pkgconfig proposals checking
2010-03-30 JF Dingtestsuite: new cases for all arch namespace enabled...
2010-03-30 JF Dingtestsuite: renamed several cases to follow the same...
2010-03-30 JF Dingtmpl: add arch namespace support for Patches
2010-03-30 JF Dingtmpl: add arch namespace support to Requires of main...
2010-03-30 JF Dingtmpl: rewrite arch namespace code for PkgBR/PkgConfigBR...
2010-03-30 JF Dingspecify: add sanity checking for arch namespace
2010-03-30 JF Dingbug: care about AsWholeName for subpkg pre/post(un)
2010-03-30 JF Dingtmpl: add support for pre/preun/post/postun for subpkgs
2010-03-29 JF Dingspec2spec: check the input spec to avoid wrong convert
2010-03-25 JF Dingspec2spec: bug in parsing subpkg name in headers
2010-03-25 JF Dingspec2spec: tolorence for wrong subpkg specify
2010-03-24 JF Dingcorrect desktop files matching in files
2010-03-24 JF Dingmore precise match for share libs in files
2010-03-24 JF Dingchecking Files and Requires if NoFiles specified
2010-03-23 JF Dingnewkey: NoFiles, no %files for empty main package
2010-03-22 JF Dingspec2spec: bugs in parsing macro definitions