last changeTue, 15 Mar 2011 02:09:09 +0000 (10:09 +0800)
2011-03-15 Jackie WuFix the -conf-only broken when skin is not created master
2011-03-10 Jackie WuFix rollback function
2011-03-10 Jackie WuAdd -conf-only, -target-only and -skin options
2011-02-24 Jackie WuCancel installation if same conf has been installed
2011-02-23 Jackie WuUpdate change log
2011-02-23 Jackie WuSolve the locale problem on CJK system
2011-02-14 Jackie Wu1.0.6 - Fixed duplicate qemu parameters
2011-02-12 Jackie WuClean up the code
2011-02-10 Jackie WuFix windows 1.2 support
2011-02-10 Jackie WuFix the windows skin support
2011-02-10 Jackie WuAdd windows target support.
2011-02-04 Jackie WuUpdate changelog
2011-02-04 Jackie WuPrint proxy message
2011-02-04 Jackie WuFixed proxy problem.
2011-01-31 Jackie WuSplit sysroot conf to avoid conflict.
2011-01-31 Jackie WuFixed the typo when getting DEVICE_NAME from DEVICE_FUL...
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