last changeMon, 6 Dec 2010 08:12:35 +0000 (16:12 +0800)
2010-12-06 JF DingNeed unlocalized data string, patch from Fathi master
2010-11-19 Yi YangGet ugly version correctly and support emacs editor 1
2010-08-26 JF Dingpump version to 0.6
2010-08-26 JF Dingusing new pkgname in the installation path, again
2010-08-24 JF Dinglet EDITOR cmd less vi specific
2010-08-20 JF Ding'spec' target should alway run specify
2010-08-20 JF Dingremain the old datadir dir name for compatibility
2010-08-20 JF Dingmake 'vc' can work with 'osc vc' command
2010-08-20 JF Dingapply fathi patch2: fix path
2010-08-20 JF Dingapply fathi patch1: readd spec-clean
2010-08-19 JF Dingchanges synced with obs released 0.5.1
2010-04-02 JF Dingnew tools: checking new upstream version for pkgs
2010-03-29 JF Dingremove depends of *.yaml of target SPECFILE
2010-01-27 Anas Nashifremove suse header
2010-01-03 Peter ZhuCreate gzip tarball since debian build ask for gzip...
2010-01-03 Peter ZhuUpdate to 0.5
7 years ago master