last changeThu, 25 Mar 2010 08:49:20 +0000 (16:49 +0800)
2010-03-25 Yi YangRename and remove moblin- prefix master
2009-11-19 Yi YangSupport conversion from VirtualBox image
2009-10-27 Yi YangRemove some files for clean debian build
2009-10-27 Yi YangGet ready for rpm package build
2009-10-27 Yi YangGet ready for debian package build
2009-09-25 Yi YangCompletely clean the temporary medium generated by...
2009-09-25 Yi YangSet the default partition if no partition is given out
2009-09-24 Yi YangReset partition info on loading the kickstart file
2009-09-23 Yi YangAdd VirtualBox image support into creator
2009-09-23 Yi YangEnable VM launcher to support a VirtualBox virtual...
2009-09-21 Yi YangFix a missed attribute _genchecksum
2009-09-18 Yi YangSet filter for live image selection
2009-09-18 Yi YangSet filters for Moblin VM images selection
2009-09-18 Yi YangFix vmplayer conflicts with kvm
2009-09-14 Yi YangFix kvm launch issue on Ubuntu
2009-09-10 Yi YangUse -vga std for new kvm version
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