2010-03-25 Yi YangRename and remove moblin- prefix master
2009-11-19 Yi YangSupport conversion from VirtualBox image
2009-10-27 Yi YangRemove some files for clean debian build
2009-10-27 Yi YangGet ready for rpm package build
2009-10-27 Yi YangGet ready for debian package build
2009-09-25 Yi YangCompletely clean the temporary medium generated by...
2009-09-25 Yi YangSet the default partition if no partition is given out
2009-09-24 Yi YangReset partition info on loading the kickstart file
2009-09-23 Yi YangAdd VirtualBox image support into creator
2009-09-23 Yi YangEnable VM launcher to support a VirtualBox virtual...
2009-09-21 Yi YangFix a missed attribute _genchecksum
2009-09-18 Yi YangSet filter for live image selection
2009-09-18 Yi YangSet filters for Moblin VM images selection
2009-09-18 Yi YangFix vmplayer conflicts with kvm
2009-09-14 Yi YangFix kvm launch issue on Ubuntu
2009-09-10 Yi YangUse -vga std for new kvm version
2009-09-08 Yi YangGet bigger vte window for convertor
2009-09-08 Yi YangHide tasks list and progress status to get bigger vte...
2009-08-04 Yi YangFix arrow keys issue in KVM/QEMU
2009-07-31 Yi YangStrictly check if a kickstart is valid
2009-07-31 Yi YangAnother fix for depended tools check
2009-07-31 Yi YangCheck if depended tools were installed
2009-07-27 Yi YangFix nand image creating-again issue
2009-07-24 Yi YangFix named format string error in
2009-07-24 Yi YangFix undefined domain error in keyboard model
2009-07-22 Yi YangPrepare for i18n
2009-07-22 Yi YangDo with convertor exceptions more elegantly
2009-07-22 Yi YangConnect signal on_run_again_clicked to self.gui.run_aga...
2009-07-21 Yi Yangload an added repo only if it is selected
2009-07-21 Yi Yangjust hide repo dialog if close button is pressed
2009-07-21 Yi YangClear invalid configurations on running creator again
2009-07-21 Yi YangAppend 'Run Again' button in finished screen
2009-07-20 Yi YangFix disk format override issue
2009-07-20 Yi YangAllow to create multiple moblin images once
2009-07-15 Yi YangRemove plugins we never require
2009-07-15 Yi YangFix unexpected indent and just load modgui plugin
2009-07-15 Yi YangFix another packaing issue
2009-07-15 Yi YangFix a packaging issue in Makefile
2009-07-15 Yi YangLet Makefile create /etc/X11/xinit/xinitrc.d if it...
2009-07-14 Yi YangDisable quit on converting a moblin image
2009-07-14 Yi YangDisable quit on chrooting into moblin image/fs
2009-07-14 Yi YangDisable quit if usb writer is writing data to usb disk
2009-07-14 Yi YangDisable quit when a moblin image is being created
2009-07-14 Yi YangRemove superfluous repo attribute set
2009-07-14 Yi YangDisable quit if a vm is running
2009-07-14 Yi YangPut repo cache into specified cache directory
2009-07-14 Yi YangAllow users to set temporary directory and cache directory
2009-07-13 Yi YangFix proxy info read error
2009-07-10 Yi YangChange temporary dir setting way according to mic2...
2009-07-10 Yi YangAllow users to specify temporary dir and output dir...
2009-07-10 Yi YangLet File menu have accelerator key
2009-07-09 Yi YangLet 'Get Started' button use accelerator key
2009-07-09 Yi YangSave newly-added repo's check status correctly
2009-07-08 Yi YangFix options saving in load kickstart screen
2009-07-08 Yi YangFix package selection screen back in the case it is...
2009-07-08 Yi YangFix url oepn issue
2009-07-07 Yi YangFix tips overlay in master window.
2009-07-07 Yi YangFix ubuntu menu installation issue
2009-07-07 Yi YangFix CreatorError exception output error
2009-07-07 Yi YangCheck if vte is installed
2009-07-07 Yi YangFix select media screen's restore option error
2009-07-07 Yi YangCheck if vmplayer is installed
2009-07-06 Yi YangFix installation issue on Ubuntu 8.10
2009-07-06 Yi YangReport write failure if usb disk is unplugged during...
2009-07-06 Yi YangOutput error message but not raise an exception if...
2009-07-06 Yi YangQuit elegantly when mic2 isn't installed.
2009-07-06 Yi YangAllow a user to view/edit/add/delete repos
2009-07-06 Yi YangCorrect a typo for chroot welcome screen
2009-07-01 Yi YangFix main window quit error
2009-06-30 Yi YangFix partition search error
2009-06-30 Yi YangFix usb unmount issue in usb partition selection screen
2009-06-30 Yi YangRemove verbose error and warning output
2009-06-29 Yi YangInstall a desktop launcher for moblin image manager
2009-06-26 Yi YangFix homepage open issue in other tools
2009-06-25 Yi YangFix usb device unmount issue
2009-06-25 Yi YangShow some tips at the bottom of image manager master...
2009-06-25 Yi YangCorrect some names in configuraitons
2009-06-25 Yi YangFix mic2 homepage open issue
2009-06-24 Yi YangAdd moblin tools into system menu and require system...
2009-06-24 Yi YangFix conflicts with preinstalled revisor package
2009-06-24 Yi YangFix destination directory naming issue
2009-06-23 Yi YangDon't select repos in main config by default
2009-06-18 Yi YangFix root password check issue and default basic configs
2009-06-18 Yi YangShow group checkbox state of package selection screen...
2009-06-16 Yi YangSelect default groups for a basic moblin system if...
2009-06-16 Yi YangForce to enter the basic configuration screen if don...
2009-06-16 Yi YangSelect and deselect related group and packages accordin...
2009-06-15 Yi YangCheck if there is kernel and any other package selected
2009-06-15 Yi YangFix errors multiple kickstart file loadings result...
2009-06-12 Yi YangUse comps.xml from mbolin
2009-06-12 Yi YangEnable deafult desktop setting
2009-06-11 Yi YangAdd missed basic configuration screens
2009-06-11 Yi YangFix UI refresh issue during of creating image.
2009-06-10 Yi YangShouldn't always put top window on the top of desktop
2009-06-09 Yi YangSupport --menus option for kickstart command bootloader
2009-06-09 Yi YangRemove language, keyboard, network, x customization
2009-06-08 Yi YangAdd configs for beta and devel
2009-06-03 Yi YangDisable or enable objects on chroot UI instead hide...
2009-06-03 Yi YangUse moblin icon in all the window frames
2009-06-02 Yi YangUse qemu-kvm instead of qemu if qemu-kvm is available