2011-07-21 Yi YangFix a regresion: proxy isn't correctly set
2011-07-21 Yi YangMerge branch 'master' of
2011-07-21 Yi YangSupress bind mount/bind umount info unless debug switch...
2011-07-21 Yi YangSuppress bind mount/bind umount info unless debug switc...
2011-07-21 Yi YangGracefully handle the case only delta rpm is available
2011-07-12 Gui ChenCorrect error rpmpath in zypp when using local repo
2011-07-12 Gui ChenBMC#20246: livecd-iso-to-disk support usbfs in ubuntu...
2011-07-12 Shuangquan... BMC#20741: support the dotted package name in ks
2011-07-12 JF Dingneed not to write configs for latest uxlaunch anymore
2011-07-12 Mingxiu HanBMC#18552: selinux checking for btrfs and ARM
2011-07-12 Shuangquan... BMC#19819: Fixed some issues about btrfs
2011-07-12 Shuangquan... Raise an error when spcified pkgmgr is invalid
2011-07-12 Shuangquan... BMC#20249: prompt users to install pygtk2
2011-07-12 Shuangquan... BMC#4944: fixed the issue about yum's exception
2011-07-12 Gui ChenClearer error message for qemu-emulator version checking
2011-07-12 Enrico PilzAdded armv5tel arch to zypper supported architectures
2011-07-11 JF Dingupdate distfiles and doc
2011-07-05 Marko SaukkoFix typo.
2011-07-04 Marko SaukkoUse system tar instead of Tarfile to fix permission...
2011-07-04 Marko SaukkoImproved timezone installation error message.
2011-07-04 Marko SaukkoChanged package manager register failure message.
2011-07-04 Marko SaukkoShow error message when installing pkgmanager doens...
2011-06-22 Yi YangCut release 0.24.13 0.24.13
2011-06-22 Yi YangFix a typo os_image -> self.os_image
2011-06-22 Yi YangFix options compress-disk-image and package merge errors
2011-06-22 Yi YangRevert "Fix BMC #19173 merge argv from ks to sys argv"
2011-06-22 Yi YangRevert "Fix an error introduced by commit 93cdbed3dd0d1...
2011-06-22 Yi YangFix an error introduced by commit 93cdbed3dd0d1633fe937...
2011-06-22 Yi YangUse subvolrootid=0 to mount btrfs subvolume
2011-06-21 chenguiFix BMC #19173 merge argv from ks to sys argv
2011-06-21 JF Dinguse release log as ChangeLog
2011-06-21 JF Dingmanagement for misc. files
2011-06-20 chenguiBMC#18876: Update man pages
2011-06-20 chenguiBMC#18443: Compress vmdk/vdi image for release
2011-06-20 JF Dingdist-files relocate and cleanup
2011-06-17 Zhou ShuangquanUse simple file based lock instead of lockdev tool
2011-06-16 Markus LehtonenAdd support for 'tar.bz2' disk-image-compression
2011-06-16 Yi YangFix mic-chroot can't-exit issue with --logfile option
2011-06-16 Zhou ShuangquanFix an option merge error
2011-06-10 Yi YangFix a depdendency issue introduced by satsolver-tools...
2011-06-09 Zhou ShuangquanSkip the package which doesn't have source for --includ...
2011-06-09 Yi YangSerialize loopback device allocattion for multiple...
2011-06-07 chenguiCatch httplib.HTTPException for urllib2.urlopen
2011-06-07 Mingxiu HanCheck qemu version for armv7hl, armv7thl, armv7nhl...
2011-05-31 Yi YangCut release 0.24.12 0.24.12
2011-05-31 Yi YangKeep /etc/mtab intact if it is a symlink and clean...
2011-05-31 Yi YangShouldn't copy it if /etc/mtab in bootstrap has existed...
2011-05-27 Yi YangCreate subvolume snapshot after installation for btrfs...
2011-05-23 Zhou ShuangquanFix a regression introduced by .package format revert
2011-05-18 Yi YangUse subvolume name instead of subvolid for btrfs subvolume
2011-05-16 Yi YangCut release 0.24.11 0.24.11
2011-05-16 Yi YangFix string.upper use error
2011-05-12 Anas Nashiffixed typo: initab -> inittab
2011-05-11 Yi YangCut release 0.24.10 0.24.10
2011-05-11 Yi YangDon't require fastinit for main repo any more
2011-04-28 Yi YangUse default menu if menus is empty
2011-04-28 Yi YangAllow users to customize boot menu and boot options...
2011-04-27 Yi YangDepends on btrfs command only if subvolume is used
2011-04-27 Zhou shuangquanUse "" for it if an element hasn't text atttribute...
2011-04-27 Zhou shuangquanUse a dict to manage all the packages and their install...
2011-04-26 chenguiUse logging module to record exception with call stack...
2011-04-25 chenguiChange /etc/inittab only if it does exist
2011-04-21 Yi YangRevert to the old *.package format
2011-04-19 Anas Nashifinittab is not unique to meego and rc.sysinit is going...
2011-04-15 Yi YangCut release 0.24.9 0.24.9
2011-04-15 Mingxiu Hanfix bind-mount failed on opensuse11.4
2011-04-15 Zhou shuangquanHandle repo option '--includepkgs/--excludepkgs'
2011-04-14 Yi YangGet package location from metadata for zypp
2011-04-13 Yi YangFix an option merge error
2011-04-13 Zhou shuangquanEnable zypp also to support package pattern '*name...
2011-04-13 Zhou shuangquanEnable zypp to handle name.arch or name* in ks file
2011-04-12 Marko SaukkoMerge branch 'master' of
2011-04-12 Marko Saukko- Cleanup prefix handling
2011-04-12 Yi YangMerge branch 'master' of
2011-04-12 Mingxiu HanCheck selinux status for arm image and btrfs file system
2011-04-12 Marko SaukkoMerge branch 'master' of
2011-04-12 Marko SaukkoFixed previous commit for siteconfigs. USER and GLOBAL...
2011-04-12 Yi YangMerge branch 'master' of
2011-04-12 Zhou shuangquanUse cElementTree instead of DomTree and fix issue of...
2011-04-12 Marko SaukkoMerge branch 'master' of
2011-04-12 Marko Saukko- Be less verbose and don't print site config content...
2011-04-12 Zhou shuangquanEnable zypp to handle '-package'
2011-04-07 Marko SaukkoLets not hide error messages.
2011-04-06 Yi YangFix a regression introduced by subvolume support
2011-04-06 Yi YangMerge branch 'master' of
2011-04-04 Marko SaukkoWe can't use repourl.find(bootstrap_target_arch) !...
2011-04-04 Marko SaukkoFix problem when LC_ALL is not set.
2011-04-02 Zhou shuangquanFix liveusb image creation error with --interactive...
2011-04-02 Zhou shuangquanFix another UnicodeDecodeError
2011-04-02 chenguiSet LC_ALL before install
2011-04-02 chenguiHandle traceback caused by zypperpkgmgr
2011-04-02 Mingxiu HanCheck image format for arm
2011-04-02 chenguiUse 'cp -af' to preserve file and directory attributes...
2011-04-02 Yi YangMerge branch 'master' of
2011-04-02 Yi Yangpython-pykickstart >= 0.96
2011-04-01 Yi Yangpython-pykickstart >= 0.96
2011-04-01 Yi YangSupport subvolume for btrfs and enbale chroot to suppor...
2011-03-25 Yi YangCut release 0.24.8 0.24.8
2011-03-25 Yi YangUpdate debian packaging stuff
2011-03-25 Yi YangFix version issue in case of using 'sudo python setup...