2011-04-15 Yi YangCut release 0.24.9 0.24.9
2011-04-15 Mingxiu Hanfix bind-mount failed on opensuse11.4
2011-04-15 Zhou shuangquanHandle repo option '--includepkgs/--excludepkgs'
2011-04-14 Yi YangGet package location from metadata for zypp
2011-04-13 Yi YangFix an option merge error
2011-04-13 Zhou shuangquanEnable zypp also to support package pattern '*name...
2011-04-13 Zhou shuangquanEnable zypp to handle name.arch or name* in ks file
2011-04-12 Marko SaukkoMerge branch 'master' of
2011-04-12 Marko Saukko- Cleanup prefix handling
2011-04-12 Yi YangMerge branch 'master' of
2011-04-12 Mingxiu HanCheck selinux status for arm image and btrfs file system
2011-04-12 Marko SaukkoMerge branch 'master' of
2011-04-12 Marko SaukkoFixed previous commit for siteconfigs. USER and GLOBAL...
2011-04-12 Yi YangMerge branch 'master' of
2011-04-12 Zhou shuangquanUse cElementTree instead of DomTree and fix issue of...
2011-04-12 Marko SaukkoMerge branch 'master' of
2011-04-12 Marko Saukko- Be less verbose and don't print site config content...
2011-04-12 Zhou shuangquanEnable zypp to handle '-package'
2011-04-07 Marko SaukkoLets not hide error messages.
2011-04-06 Yi YangFix a regression introduced by subvolume support
2011-04-06 Yi YangMerge branch 'master' of
2011-04-04 Marko SaukkoWe can't use repourl.find(bootstrap_target_arch) !...
2011-04-04 Marko SaukkoFix problem when LC_ALL is not set.
2011-04-02 Zhou shuangquanFix liveusb image creation error with --interactive...
2011-04-02 Zhou shuangquanFix another UnicodeDecodeError
2011-04-02 chenguiSet LC_ALL before install
2011-04-02 chenguiHandle traceback caused by zypperpkgmgr
2011-04-02 Mingxiu HanCheck image format for arm
2011-04-02 chenguiUse 'cp -af' to preserve file and directory attributes...
2011-04-02 Yi YangMerge branch 'master' of
2011-04-02 Yi Yangpython-pykickstart >= 0.96
2011-04-01 Yi Yangpython-pykickstart >= 0.96
2011-04-01 Yi YangSupport subvolume for btrfs and enbale chroot to suppor...
2011-03-25 Yi YangCut release 0.24.8 0.24.8
2011-03-25 Yi YangUpdate debian packaging stuff
2011-03-25 Yi YangFix version issue in case of using 'sudo python setup...
2011-03-22 chenguiClear the nessy characters caused by 'mkfs.ext3'
2011-03-21 Zhou shuangquanCorrect an error in commit 00644cb34bea3730d2072da82b0f...
2011-03-21 Yi YangShort "Downloading..." and "Installing..." messages...
2011-03-21 Yi YangCall get_default_pkg_manager() instead of using functio...
2011-03-21 Zhou shuangquanFix fs image creation issue
2011-03-16 Yi YangCut release 0.24.7 0.24.7
2011-03-16 Zhou shuangquanadd a storage controller for virtualbox vm
2011-03-16 Yi YangUnset all the proxy environment variables before callin...
2011-03-16 Zhou shuangquanInstalled 'mtd-utils-ubi' to support ubifs in bootstrap
2011-03-15 Yi YangFix an UnicodeDeocde error
2011-03-15 Zhou shuangquanFixed the issue about 'usermod'
2011-03-11 Yi YangMore precisely order bind mount points
2011-03-11 Yi YangEnable zypp to support local repos
2011-03-11 Yi YangResolve groups on demand
2011-03-11 Yi YangUse full path for tmpdir and outdir before they are...
2011-03-11 Yi YangLimit download progress line width equal or less than...
2011-03-10 Yi YangCompletely support option --fsoptions of kickstart...
2011-03-10 Zhou shuangquanMake sure an image file system includes syslinux
2011-03-09 Yi YangCut release 0.24.6 0.24.6
2011-03-09 Yi YangMerge branch 'master' of
2011-03-09 Zhou shuangquanCorrect an error in commit 4a15d1376d923cc318b91a466955...
2011-03-09 Yi YangSet MBR after image is unmounted and device mapper...
2011-03-09 Marko SaukkoMerge branch 'master' of
2011-03-09 Marko SaukkoAdded mtd-utils package to the bootstrap to fix BMC...
2011-03-08 Yi YangCorrect cached packages statistics for yum
2011-03-08 Zhou shuangquanSleep to try to avoid any dm shenanigans and make sure...
2011-03-08 Yi YangUse stronger package integrity check way
2011-03-07 Marko SaukkoMerge branch 'master' of
2011-03-07 Marko SaukkoFixed typo.
2011-03-07 Yi YangFix clean-up error in case image can't be mounted
2011-03-07 Zhou shuangquanModify commit 938ccc8055077323700bd3a41ef222606f507453...
2011-03-05 Marko SaukkoReadded the get_extension_name function.
2011-03-04 Marko SaukkoRemoved functions: get_extension_name, copyowngrp,...
2011-03-04 Zhou shuangquanUse 'blkid' instead of 'vol_id' and fix bug 8405 and...
2011-03-04 Yi YangCorrect an error in commit 4a15d1376d923cc318b91a466955...
2011-03-04 Yi YangFix some regressions introduced by directory layout...
2011-03-04 Yi YangMove mic/ to mic/utils/
2011-03-03 Marko SaukkoFix bug caused by the moving of files to utils dir.
2011-03-03 Marko SaukkoMake sure dir exists before using dir.
2011-03-03 Marko SaukkoFixed make clean not working with the new utils dir.
2011-03-03 Marko SaukkoMoved and from imgcreate to utils.
2011-03-03 Marko SaukkoMerge branch 'master' of 24
2011-03-03 Marko SaukkoMoved from imgcreate to utils dir.
2011-03-03 Zhou shuangquanPrompt some infomations about X environment in more...
2011-03-02 Zhou shuangquanhandle nonascii string and fix bug 4944
2011-03-02 Yi YangFix no_proxy parsing issue in case whitespace is included
2011-03-02 Yi YangFix an error in case of --arch=i*86
2011-03-02 Marko SaukkoFixed the kickstart copy.
2011-03-02 Marko SaukkoMerge branch 'master' of
2011-03-02 Marko SaukkoFix error when arch is not set.
2011-03-02 Marko SaukkoMoved bootstrap related code to the
2011-03-02 Marko SaukkoSelect main repository based on the packages only....
2011-03-02 Marko SaukkoClose the databases after we are done with them.
2011-03-02 Marko SaukkoClean the loop functionality a bit.
2011-03-02 Marko Saukko- pam-modules-cracklib and moblin-release not available...
2011-03-02 Marko SaukkoFixed package architecture condition problem while...
2011-03-02 Marko SaukkoCheck dir existance before doing stuff.
2011-03-02 Marko SaukkoInclude arch to the package search from db.
2011-03-02 Marko SaukkoMinor cleanups.
2011-03-02 Marko SaukkoAdded @ARCH@ support and fixed ARM bootstrap.
2011-03-02 Zhou shuangquanFix source package name resolving error
2011-03-01 Marko SaukkoUse defines instead of the values themselves.
2011-02-28 Yi YangCheck depended tools and print user-friendly messages
2011-02-25 Yi YangCut release 0.24.5 0.24.5