2011-02-10 Yi YangCut release 0.22.12 0.22.12
2011-02-10 Yi YangPrompt missed packages in patterns
2011-02-10 Yi YangUse patterns by default
2011-02-01 Yi YangCut 0.22.11 release 0.22.11
2011-01-20 Yi YangFix urllib2 compatibility issue
2011-01-20 Yi YangCorrect LICENSE.txt file check error in local repo
2011-01-19 Yi YangCut release 0.22.10 0.22.10
2011-01-11 Yi YangFix another kickstart file copy issue
2011-01-11 Marko SaukkoUpdated the mini base installation package list.
2011-01-07 Yi YangCut release 0.22.9 0.22.9
2011-01-07 Yi YangClean up yum garbage info
2011-01-07 Yi YangFix ks file name and copy issue in case of bootstrap...
2011-01-07 Yi YangSet correct suffix in case of bootstrap
2011-01-07 Yi YangBind mount local packages path to bootstrap
2011-01-07 Zhou ShuangquanThe 'DriveConnectionInterface' property is only valid...
2011-01-07 Zhou Shuangquanfix bug 10731&11061:can't find usb
2010-12-27 Yi YangCut release 0.22.8 0.22.8
2010-12-27 Yi YangFix main repo guess error
2010-12-25 Yi YangCut release 0.22.7 0.22.7
2010-12-25 Yi YangEnable bootstrap mode for ARM image
2010-12-25 Yi YangEnsure version is output to logfile
2010-12-25 Yi YangFix https repo fetching error
2010-12-25 Yi YangFix mount conflicts in bootstrap mode
2010-12-23 Yi YangFix version in man page 0.22.6
2010-12-23 Yi YangCut release 0.22.6
2010-12-23 Yi YangFix another "can't exit" error
2010-12-23 Yi YangCut release 0.22.4 0.22.4
2010-12-23 Yi YangUse return instead of sys.exit in order to get final...
2010-12-23 Yi YangCut release 0.22.3 0.22.3
2010-12-23 Yi YangPrint mic2 version and fix an error if config isn't...
2010-12-23 JF Dingfea: readin magic line from ks for cmdln options
2010-12-23 Huaxu WanFix bug #BMC 10572, which is related with --include...
2010-10-29 Yi YangCut release 0.22.2 0.22.2
2010-10-29 Yi YangFix comps.xml match issue in repomd.xml
2010-10-28 Marko SaukkoIf self.target_arch is empty then can't do operations...
2010-10-27 Marko SaukkoLets not hide the error messages. Eventually we should...
2010-10-22 Yi YangCut release 0.22.1 0.22.1
2010-10-22 Yi YangRemove qemu emulator in ARM image
2010-10-19 Yi YangFix exit issue from mic-chroot env
2010-10-18 Yi YangRemove compress-force option for btrfs mount
2010-10-14 Yi YangMake mic-chroot run profile with correct HOME
2010-10-14 Yi YangPrint local kernel version
2010-10-14 Yi YangFix an error in case repo baseurl has password protection
2010-10-12 Yi YangFix a regression found in mic-chroot
2010-10-11 Huaxu WanMerge branch 'master' of
2010-10-09 Yi YangFix proxy caching issue using yum config http_caching
2010-10-09 Huaxu Wanmic-image-writer: codes clean up
2010-10-09 Huaxu Wanmic-image-writer: compatible with UDisks. Fix BMC#...
2010-10-09 Huaxu WanConstructed a class to substitute the functions about HAL
2010-10-09 Yi YangCheck corrupt packages
2010-09-30 Marko SaukkoImproved the error message when mount failed.
2010-09-30 Yi YangCut release 0.22.0 0.22.0
2010-09-30 Yi YangAlso add --include-source to tools/mic
2010-09-29 Yi YangRedirect stdout and stderr to logfile
2010-09-28 Huaxu WanFix typo: fiflesystem->filesystem
2010-09-27 Yi YangRemove subdir for virtual machine images on creating...
2010-09-27 Yi YangUse find_binary_path to get all the bianry file paths
2010-09-27 Huaxu WanNew feature: build image with source rpm included
2010-09-25 Yi YangFix inconsistent indent in mic/imgcreate/
2010-09-25 Yi YangCorrect boolean constants
2010-09-25 Yi Yangclose unused file handle
2010-09-25 Yi YangCheck --force-debian option for rpm and correct 'ubuntu'
2010-09-25 Yi YangMerge commit 'refs/merge-requests/22' of git://gitoriou...
2010-09-23 Anas Nashifalways delete old __version__ file before building...
2010-09-22 Fathi BoudraClean up copy_mic2(): set sane defaults and treat debia... 22
2010-09-22 Fathi Boudrapass --force-debian option on Ubuntu or Debian
2010-09-21 Fathi Boudrafix typo
2010-09-21 Fathi BoudraMic2 package from MeeGo repositories is using /usr...
2010-09-21 Fathi BoudraReplace is_debian/is_ubuntu function by get_distribution
2010-09-21 Yi YangFix arch error in .xml for ARM raw image
2010-09-21 Yi YangAdd a missed change for commit 7089f021672b39e113fe8eb2...
2010-09-21 Yi YangHandle --arch=iX86 case
2010-09-20 Yi YangUse appropriate message dialog for mic-image-writer
2010-09-20 Yi YangHandle all the special options using a generic way...
2010-09-20 Yi YangDon't save yum repo settings any more
2010-09-20 Yi YangDeliver --package option into bootstrap
2010-09-17 Yi YangUse find_binary_path to check depended binaries
2010-09-17 Yi YangMerge branch 'master' of
2010-09-17 Huaxu WanMeeGo installer changed from yum to zypper
2010-09-15 Yi YangCut release 0.21.1 0.21.1
2010-09-15 Yi YangEnable btrfs compress option
2010-09-13 Yi YangFix bootstrap error on Debian
2010-09-10 Yi YangMerge commit 'refs/merge-requests/21' of git://gitoriou...
2010-09-10 Yi YangAdd new option --compress-disk-image to tools/mic and...
2010-09-10 Yi YangMerge commit 'refs/merge-requests/18' of git://gitoriou...
2010-09-09 Marko SaukkoIf mic fails inside bootstrap raise an exception so... 21
2010-09-09 Marko SaukkoRelease changes the outdir so lets do finalizing later.
2010-09-09 Marko SaukkoNo need to do these twice.
2010-09-09 Marko SaukkoUnified tmpdir selection with cachedir and outdir.
2010-09-09 Marko SaukkoSimplified the cache dir selection.
2010-09-09 Marko SaukkoNo need to use multiple different variables to define...
2010-09-09 Yi YangFix inconsistent indent
2010-09-08 Yi YangCut release 0.21.0 0.21.0
2010-09-07 Yi YangFix fs image build errors for ARM sysroot
2010-09-07 Yi YangFix an error: global name 'dev_null' is not defined
2010-09-06 Yi YangUse find_binary_path to get rpm path
2010-09-06 Yi YangOptimize find_binary_path to get all the binary paths
2010-09-02 Huaxu WanMerge commit 'refs/merge-requests/20' of git://gitoriou...
2010-09-01 Suraj BarkaleFix check for older release of Ubuntu. 20
2010-09-01 Huaxu WanMerge commit 'refs/merge-requests/19' of git://gitoriou...