2010-08-09 Auke Kokrev to 0.9. v0.9
2010-08-09 Auke KokFix package data retrieval to use rpm --queryformat.
2010-08-09 Auke KokUse full signal names here.
2010-08-06 Auke KokAdd reason extraction, UID finding.
2010-08-06 Auke KokWhitespace fixes
2010-08-06 Auke KokWhitespace fixes
2010-08-06 Auke KokUpdate man page.
2010-08-05 Auke Kokchomp lines read from config files.
2010-08-05 Auke KokAdd time, uid, core file to output.
2010-08-03 Auke KokRev to 0.8 - this version succesfully reports cores... v0.8
2010-08-03 Auke KokAdd all core fields to the report data
2010-08-03 Auke KokBacktrace data was being submitted to the wrong field...
2010-08-02 Auke KokBugfix: remove \n of submit URL (broke submissions)
2010-08-02 Auke KokAdd option for auto-send
2010-07-30 Auke KokFix default MeeGo crashdb URL
2010-07-29 Auke Kok- getopted.
2010-07-28 Auke Kokstagger string testing here, avoids running some extra...
2010-07-28 Auke KokOnly look at files named "core.*".
2010-07-28 Auke KokFixup dbus config, remove bad and unneeded lines. v0.7
2010-07-28 Auke KokAdd ob. COPYING file (gplv2)
2010-07-28 Auke Kok- Move cores to /tmp
2010-07-28 Auke KokMissing \n on stderr printout.
2010-07-28 Auke KokRun make uptrans to regenerate the pot file
2010-07-28 Kaitlin RupertChange Moblin to MeeGo throughout the code
2010-07-28 Auke KokFix MeeGo startup prio for desktop file, add category
2010-07-28 Auke KokAdd 2 more files to .gitignore
2010-07-28 Auke KokIntegrate security/limits.d file to limit core dump...
2009-07-06 Arjan van de VenStart corewatcher as low priority
2009-06-04 Rob BradfordDon't use icons for notifications
2009-06-04 Rob BradfordDon't bring up a notification after submitting
2009-05-18 Arjan van de VenRob suggests only showing "Send" and "Details"
2009-05-12 Arjan van de Ven.
2009-05-12 Arjan van de VenAnas suggests a 20 second sleep
2009-05-05 Arjan van de Venfix bug
2009-03-08 Arjan van de Venunlink by default
2009-03-08 Arjan van de Venkeep files
2009-01-25 Arjan van de Vens/Kernel/Application/
2009-01-25 Arjan van de Venimprove the "find the coredump" logic a lot; it now...
2009-01-24 Arjan van de Venfix bug
2009-01-21 Arjan van de Venfix more
2009-01-21 Arjan van de Venenhance make isntall
2009-01-21 Arjan van de Venmake it work
2009-01-20 Arjan van de Venmore changes
2009-01-20 Arjan van de Venmore
2009-01-20 Arjan van de Venfixes
2009-01-20 Arjan van de Venclean up
2009-01-20 Arjan van de Venxlation
2009-01-20 Arjan van de Venstart fresh
2009-01-17 Arjan van de Vensteal the applet from
2009-01-17 Arjan van de Venfix license
2009-01-17 Arjan van de Vensteal's config file reader
2009-01-17 Arjan van de Venstart adding the dbus/permission side
2009-01-17 Arjan van de Venadd author
2009-01-17 Arjan van de VenAdd license text
2009-01-17 Arjan van de Venfix makefile
2009-01-17 Arjan van de Venclean out the existing core dumps on startup
2009-01-17 Arjan van de Venrename the project to corewatcher
2009-01-17 Arjan van de VenUse inotify to watch the coredump directory
2009-01-15 Arjan van de Venfix warning
2009-01-15 Arjan van de Vengitignore properly
2009-01-15 Arjan van de Veninitial import