2012-01-10 William Douglasversion 0.30
2012-01-10 William DouglasRemove dbus use from corewatcher.
2011-12-14 William DouglasAdd trace file submission code to crash notify script.
2011-11-22 William DouglasFix regex matches to correctly display backtrace.
2011-11-18 William Douglascorewatcher v.028
2011-11-18 William DouglasTell user what crashed and provide a backtrace.
2011-11-10 William DouglasFix autotools build scripts.
2011-11-09 William DouglasRemove files no longer used by the corewatcher blackscr...
2011-11-04 William DouglasMake setup create a fifo for epoll.
2011-11-04 William DouglasRemove dbus g_main integration.
2011-11-03 William DouglasDon't sleep when run with -f.
2011-11-02 William DouglasMissed a symbol in my rename.
2011-11-02 William DouglasNo longer test for opted_in config on start.
2011-11-02 William DouglasFix whitespace.
2011-11-02 William DouglasDo polling for crashes with epoll.
2011-11-02 William DouglasRework how we expect to scan the core dump folder.
2011-11-02 William DouglasAdd script for submitting crash file.
2011-11-02 William DouglasAdd file flag to corewatcher.
2011-11-02 William DouglasAdd testmode short flag and make the flag actually...
2011-11-02 William DouglasRemove the g_main_loop logic.
2011-10-31 William DouglasFirst pass at reworking corewatcher to use corecatcher...
2011-08-04 William DouglasUpdate ioprio defines
2011-08-03 William DouglasTake out Debian Etch work around.
2011-08-03 William DouglasRename coredump scan function.
2011-08-03 William DouglasReorganize header, move objects under the appropriate...
2011-07-28 William DouglasUpdate corewatcher to use autotools.
2011-07-26 William DouglasRemove old define that was duplicating asm/unistd.h...
2011-07-25 William Douglasinitial removal of corewatcher-applet
2011-07-22 William DouglasRework corewatcher, clean valgrind warnings.
2011-05-17 William Douglascorewatcher v0.26
2011-05-17 William DouglasCheck getline return properly
2011-05-04 William Douglascorewatcher v0.25 v0.25
2011-05-04 William Douglasclean up memory leaks
2011-05-04 William Douglasadd meaningful package list details for files in coredump
2011-04-28 William Douglascorewatcher v0.24
2011-04-28 William Douglasskip over crashes that could cause looping v0.24
2011-04-28 William DouglasRevert "Remove rpm information gathering as we don...
2011-04-27 William Douglascorewatcher 0.23 v0.23
2011-04-27 William DouglasRemove rpm information gathering as we don't use it
2011-04-22 William Douglascorewatcher 0.22 v0.22
2011-04-22 William DouglasChange behavior to avoid rerunning gdb each time we...
2011-04-21 William Douglascorewatcher 0.21 v0.21
2011-04-21 William Douglasfix many temporary core detail files from flooding...
2011-04-18 Chris Leechcorewatcher 0.20 v0.20
2011-04-18 Chris Leechcorewatcher: libproxy support
2011-04-18 Chris Leechcorewatcher: add private field to crash report
2011-04-14 Chris Leechcorewatcher-config: add command line tool for editing...
2011-04-07 William DouglasVersion 0.19
2011-04-06 Patrick McCartyAdd new translations: es_MX, eu, uk, vi 2
2011-04-06 Patrick McCartyPull from Transifex: update existing translations
2011-04-07 William Douglasclean up some memory leaks v0.19
2011-04-06 William DouglasSend message to dbus once core is processed and once...
2011-04-06 William DouglasDebugged and tested keeping files to send until online
2011-04-04 William Douglasfirst stab at resending coredumps that were unsent
2011-04-04 William DouglasVersion: 0.18
2011-04-04 William Douglasrework finding qml-launcher apps v0.18
2011-04-01 Chris Leechadd application name and crash id to the dbus sent... 1
2011-04-01 Chris Leechpass oops struct instead of just a text blob, just...
2011-04-01 Chris Leechsent dbus signal and log to syslog on each oops, not...
2011-03-31 William DouglasVersion v0.17 v0.17
2011-03-31 William Douglasupdate gdb command to output the core file
2011-03-31 William DouglasFinalize version v0.16 v0.16
2011-03-28 William DouglasAdd the build release information from MeeGo to corewatcher v0.15
2011-03-04 William DouglasFixup pointers that aren't initialized to NULL
2011-03-04 William DouglasFixed crash scenario, redid wrapper scanning
2011-03-03 William DouglasVersion 0.15
2011-03-03 William DouglasAllow corewatcher to try multiple submit urls
2011-02-10 William DouglasHave the process reported be the actual process run...
right now William Douglasoops need to an actual pid for the running process
right now William DouglasUpdate default config to keep core dumps after processing
right now William DouglasKeep the core generation origin for export
right now William DouglasAdd nice and IO nice to avoid grinding the system to...
2011-02-03 William DouglasUnlink core files we can't find
2011-02-02 Auke Kokdisclaimer.
2011-02-02 Auke KokAdding example crash application.
2011-02-02 Auke KokMerge branch 'master' of
2011-02-02 Auke KokNo need to print this out to the console every start.
2011-02-02 Auke KokAlso retain the text-version of the backtrace when...
2010-11-12 Jean Cayronl10n: Updated Walloon (wa) translation to 100%
2010-11-07 Jean Cayronl10n: First Walloon translation
2010-11-03 chaoweilunl10n: Updated Chinese (Taiwan) (zh_TW) translation...
2010-10-28 Sérgio Marquesl10n: Added Portuguese locale
2010-10-23 someonel10n: Arabic translation
2010-10-09 Mostafa Daneshvarl10n: Persian trans
2010-10-08 Auke KokRev to 0.13 - fix locale install v0.13
2010-10-08 Auke KokRev to 0.12 v0.12
2010-10-08 Auke KokFix subdir builds etc.
2010-10-08 Auke KokRev to 0.11 - translations merged v0.11
2010-10-08 Auke KokMerge branch 'master' of
2010-10-08 Auke KokRev to 0.10 for trunk v0.10
2010-10-07 Torgeir Hjelmfossl10n: Norwegian Bokmal translation
2010-10-07 Toni Hermoso... l10n: Valencian Catalan translation
2010-10-07 Toni Hermoso... l10n: Catalan translation
2010-09-28 Aranel Surionl10n: Initial
2010-09-18 Iñigo Varelal10n: Asturian translations
2010-09-17 Csanád Tóthl10n: Updates to Hungarian translation
2010-09-09 fril10n: Czech translation
2010-09-08 A S Alaml10n: Updated Panjabi (Punjabi) (pa) translation to...
2010-09-08 A S Alaml10n: Punjabi Translation Added
2010-09-07 Andika Triwidadal10n: New Indonesian translation