last changeTue, 31 Jan 2012 17:04:58 +0000 (01:04 +0800)
2012-01-31 Li Yinew feature: use screen session to view imager and... master
2012-01-31 Li Yisave/update image-server status using bossinfo APIs
2011-07-27 JF Dingbump version to 0.1 with packaging files update 0.1
2011-06-28 Li Yiupdate with most refined frame code
2011-06-10 Li Yifix Makefile for undefined var $PREFIX
2011-06-10 Li Yieither "starttime" or "start" field, fix a mistake...
2011-05-27 Li Yiremove dependency: not requires python-air
2011-05-27 JF Dingquery imgtask id by stattime instead of using wfid
2011-05-23 JF Dinginsert code to update img status using bossinfo module
2011-04-24 JF Dingreceive images path from process def
2011-04-24 JF Dingupdate Makefile for install path
2011-04-10 JF Dingchecking the value of "num_workers" config key
2011-04-08 JF Dingupdate participant doc
2011-04-07 JF Dinguse subprocess instead of os.system for more controls
2011-04-07 JF Dingfixed kvmic cmdln options error
2011-04-07 JF Dingedit init.d script for signal problem
6 years ago 0.1
6 years ago master