last changeTue, 27 Sep 2011 03:41:34 +0000 (11:41 +0800)
2011-09-27 JF Dingunify and clean up boss.spec master
2011-07-26 JF Dingbump version to 0.4 0.4
2011-07-26 JF Dingchanges for rpm packaging and log path
2011-07-26 JF Dingsafer exception checkings
2011-06-16 Li Yiobs plugin: able to notify multi boss server
2011-06-14 JF Dingobs plugin: reserve original 'type' field of paramRef
2011-06-14 JF Dingproper settings for the log of boss daemon
2011-06-14 JF Dingobs plugin: do not crash if failed to connect mq server
2011-06-14 David GreavesFix init script to use daemon-kit correctly
2010-09-02 David Greavesadd the boss-notify plugin 0.3
2010-09-01 David Greavesupdate the spec to use obs-style useradd
2010-08-17 David GreavesAdd Daemon kit based scripts to run the engine
2010-08-16 David GreavesAdd a desc for opensuse
2010-08-16 David GreavesUpdate INSTALL notes
2010-06-24 David GreavesMove RouteAMQP to git://
2010-06-23 David GreavesExtended RUN_DEMO to include a python participant.
6 years ago 0.4
7 years ago 0.3
7 years ago ruote-demo-tag
6 years ago master