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last changeWed, 18 Feb 2015 02:04:15 +0000 (20:04 -0600)
2015-02-18 Christopher... Fix the token issues in the migration master
2015-02-18 Christopher... acess_token->access_token
2015-02-18 Christopher... Fixing typo: notifiction->notification
2015-02-18 Christopher... This one should be dt_to_utc, not db_to_utc, I believe
2015-02-18 Christopher... Removing cruft from the makefile
2015-02-17 Christopher... Clean up makefile, make `make docs` / `make info` actua...
2015-02-17 Christopher... Add myself to the copyrights of
2015-02-17 Christopher... Clarify the "make clean" caution'ing
2015-02-17 Christopher... Proper cleanup of extlib with a make distclean
2015-02-17 Christopher... Fixing symlink to jquery.js in post-bower universe
2015-02-17 Christopher... Fixing video-js symlink for new bower based checkout
2015-02-17 Christopher... Back to pdf.js from git submodules...
2015-02-17 Christopher... We're now installing through bower, so we can ignore...
2015-02-17 Christopher... ignore things we're now installing through extlib
2015-02-17 Christopher... Remove extlib deps moved into bower
2015-02-17 Christopher... Script and makefile adjustments for updating extlib
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