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2013-12-05 Tryggvi BjorgvinssonTags can now be passed in for media entries submitted... master
2013-12-03 Christopher... Committing extracted and compiled translations
2013-12-03 Christopher... Committing present MediaGoblin translations before...
2013-12-03 Christopher... Make "Username's privileges" translatable
2013-12-03 Christopher...
2013-12-03 Christopher... Now on v0.6.1, officially!
2013-12-03 Christopher... Release notes for v0.6.1, also instructions to check...
2013-12-03 Christopher... Turning off the Terms of Service feature by default
2013-12-03 Christopher... We're in the 0.6.1 dev zone! But we shouldn't stay...
2013-12-03 Christopher... Removing the assertion that this site is run by StatusN...
2013-12-02 Christopher... At v0.6.0! Woohoo!
2013-12-02 Christopher... Adding Asheesh Laroia to AUTHORS!
2013-12-02 Christopher... Previous ordering seemed weird.
2013-12-02 Christopher... Including python-dateutil in our dependency list
2013-12-02 Asheesh LaroiaIn the case of setuptools/sqlalchemy conflict, explain...
2013-12-02 Christopher... Committing extracted and compiled translations
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6 years ago v0.0.1 Tagging 0.0.1 milestone. Yay!
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