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2014-07-27 Alon Levy(temp) workaround thumb not working for MTS video,... master
2014-07-27 Alon Levyadd mts to video plugin.
2014-07-27 Alon Levy(local) add '.txt' to pdf mediatype
2014-07-27 Alon Levyvideo products permissions hack
2014-07-27 Alon Levymediagoblin/media_types/ fix off by one...
2014-07-25 Christopher... Remove the option about whether or not spectrograms...
2014-07-25 Tryggvi BjorgvinssonAdd __unicode__ representation to Notification and...
2014-07-24 Christopher... Adding thallian to the authors list
2014-07-24 Christopher... Fix by thallian: use correct datetime.strptime
2014-07-22 Jessica TallonMerge branch 'Federation'
2014-07-22 Jessica TallonSwitch from slug to ID and clean up style to conform...
2014-07-22 Jessica TallonCreate test for garbage collection
2014-07-22 Jessica TallonAdd unseralize for API objects
2014-07-22 Jessica TallonAdd garbage collection task
2014-07-22 Jessica Tallonoops - add decorators for federated APIs
2014-07-22 Jessica TallonAdd documentation for interacting with media entires
4 years ago v0.4.1 MediaGoblin v0.4.1, a bugfix release
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5 years ago v0.3.3 Releasing v0.3.3
5 years ago v0.3.2 MediaGoblin v0.3.2: Goblinverse
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6 years ago v0.2.1 Tag v0.2.1
6 years ago v0.2.0 Tag 0.2.0
6 years ago v0.1.0 MediaGoblin 0.1.0: Living the Dream
6 years ago v0.0.5 Tagging 0.0.5
6 years ago v0.0.4 Tagging 0.0.4.
6 years ago v0.0.3 Tagging 0.0.3
7 years ago v0.0.2 Tagging v0.0.2.
7 years ago v0.0.1 Tagging 0.0.1 milestone. Yay!
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