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last changeSun, 5 May 2013 20:24:34 +0000 (22:24 +0200)
2013-05-05 Joar WandborgRemoved unused imports in httpapiauth master
2013-05-05 ElrondUse collection.url_for_self more; Add missing /a.
2013-05-02 ElrondFix typo in new stl MEDIA_MANAGER.
2013-04-30 ElrondFix media manager reference in video.
2013-04-30 Praveen KumarMake all media types use the new MediaManager classes.
2013-04-29 ElrondAdd warning about crypt/itsdangeroussecret.bin.
2013-04-28 ElrondCreate redir_obj and use it around.
2013-04-27 ElrondRewrite resize_image to use proc_state.store_public.
2013-04-27 Elrondimage resizing: Refactor some decisions into resize_tool.
2013-04-27 ElrondMake uuid look like a uuid.
2013-04-27 ElrondRemove extra indentation left over from previous commit.
2013-04-27 ElrondFix translations for collections and drop useless try.
2013-04-26 Christopher... word-wrapping the public/queue storage explainations...
2013-04-26 Christopher... Merge remote-tracking branch 'refs/remotes/npigeon...
2013-04-26 Christopher... Switch "sqlite_refcheck" keyword arg to "migrations...
2013-04-26 Christopher... Don't turn on sqlite refcheck stuff during migrations
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