2014-08-07 Berker PeksagFix another tests.
2014-08-04 Berker Peksagmbox_message.get_payload() returns bytestring.
2014-08-04 Berker PeksagMake sort_keys True to avoid hash randomize feature...
2014-07-28 Berker PeksagUse isinstance and six.text_type to check types of...
2014-07-28 Berker PeksagFix urlparse import.
2014-07-28 Berker PeksagDisable cache support of LazyProxy.
2014-07-28 Berker PeksagUpdate .gitignore.
2014-07-28 Berker PeksagCleanup mediagoblin._compat and fix translation tests.
2014-07-28 Berker PeksagUpdate dependency list.
2014-07-28 Berker PeksagSkip test_sql_migrations on Python 3 for now.
2014-07-28 Berker PeksagRemove an usage of deprecated cgi.parse_qs().
2014-07-28 Berker Peksagfunc_name removed in Python 3.
2014-07-18 Berker PeksagRemove paste.server dependency from tests.
2014-07-18 Berker PeksagAdd tox.ini.
2014-07-14 Berker PeksagFix tests on Python 3.
2014-06-29 Berker PeksagRemove Paste#http, Paste#urlmap and Paste#static depend...
2014-06-29 Berker PeksagFix print statements.
2014-06-27 Berker PeksagRemove sqlalchemy-migrate imports from the codebase...
2014-06-25 Berker PeksagUse new-style class.
2014-06-08 Berker PeksagUse new-style classes. The old-style classes are deprec...
2014-06-08 Berker PeksagUse six.iteritems() in tools/
2014-06-08 Berker PeksagFix an usage of file().
2014-06-07 Berker PeksagUpdate a comment.
2014-06-07 Berker PeksagThe file() builtin has been removed in Python 3. Use...
2014-06-07 Berker PeksagChange urllib and urllib import with six.moves.urllib.
2014-06-02 Berker PeksagSync py2_unicode decorator with Django.
2014-06-02 Berker PeksagUse mediagoblin._compat.{ugettext, ungettext} on Python 3.
2014-06-02 Berker PeksagUse instead of itertools.izip.
2014-06-02 Berker PeksagAdd py2_unicode helper to mediagoblin._compat.
2014-06-02 Berker PeksagUse six.text_type instead of unicode().
2014-05-26 Berker PeksagAdd ugettext and ungettext helpers to mediagoblin._compat.
2014-05-26 Berker PeksagUse six.moves.urllib.parse instead of the urlparse...
2014-05-26 Berker PeksagUse six.iteritems() instead of dict.iteritems().
2014-05-08 Berker PeksagContinue to port GMG codebase.
2014-05-08 Berker PeksagAdd mediagoblin._compat module.
2014-05-08 Berker PeksagUpdate install_requires.
2014-05-08 Berker PeksagFix some compat issues in mediagoblin/db/
2014-05-08 Berker PeksagIgnore *.egg/ directories.
2014-05-08 Berker PeksagMake GNU MediaGoblin installable on Python 3.
2014-05-05 Jessica TallonAdd lib64/ directory to .gitignore file.
2014-04-10 Christopher... Adding Berker to the AUTHORS list
2014-04-10 Berker PeksagIssue #686: Create User.url_for_self() method.
2014-04-10 Berker PeksagIssue #824: Add gmg deletemedia command.
2014-04-10 Berker PeksagTweak the trim whitespace plugin documentation.
2014-04-07 Christopher... Adding a general purpose context hook for the media...
2014-04-06 Christopher... No more EXIF, for real. Use exifread. This should...
2014-04-03 Christopher... specify older sqlalchemy-migrate because pbr ruins...
2014-04-03 Christopher... Move ./ to
2014-03-29 Christopher... Make the MediaGoblin databse user creation more determi...
2014-03-27 Christopher... Removing extlib submodule and switching it to being...
2014-03-26 Christopher... Okay, nm, that didn't fix it. Setting it back. Sigh.
2014-03-26 Christopher... I guess this also fixes it and is nicer
2014-03-26 Christopher... six==1.5.2
2014-03-26 Christopher... Babel now requires >= 1.0
2014-03-26 Christopher... EXIF returns less data than it used to...
2014-03-22 Christopher... Fix Babel version restriction. Onward and upward!
2014-03-21 Christopher... Fix version conflicts we were hitting with six
2014-03-11 Boris Bobrovfixes to blog url generation
2014-03-11 Christopher... The default failures are just way too verbose. Quietin...
2014-03-11 Christopher... Adding Boris to AUTHORS
2014-03-11 Boris Bobrovadded new slugify with unidecode
2014-03-09 Christopher... Remove mention of blog plugin in config
2014-03-08 Christopher... Explicitly use /bin/bash even if shell is /bin/false
2014-03-08 Christopher... Changing "su -" to just "su"... considerably simpler.
2014-03-01 Alon Levymake exif a submodule
2014-02-20 Christopher... Tyops in deployment docs as pointed out by @latchkeyed...
2014-02-19 Christopher... mediagoblin -> mediagoblin
2014-02-13 tilly-Qfixed my mistaken use of => from last commit >__<
2014-02-13 tilly-QChanged install_requirements to require sqlalc...
2014-02-09 Christopher... robogoblins.xcf
2014-02-09 Christopher... robogoblins source
2014-02-09 Christopher... updated COPYING file for current data in this directory
2014-02-07 Christopher... Source files for some of the test submission artwork.
2014-01-27 Christopher... jpope's been helping a bunch, so of course we need...
2014-01-26 Christopher... Fixing the STL media page for post-skeleton merge
2014-01-23 Christopher... Okay that broke the build process(?), testing if this...
2014-01-23 Christopher... Once we can, that is.
2014-01-23 Christopher... Setting a specific pbr version in
2014-01-14 Christopher... Have the hook handle happen in the root_view proxy...
2014-01-14 Christopher... Merge remote-tracking branch 'refs/remotes/tilly-q...
2014-01-13 jpopefixes #829 plus a little more that was somewhat related
2014-01-13 jpopeadjust exif info alignment
2014-01-13 jpopeadjust exif to match other sections and remove extra css
2014-01-11 jpope777Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/skeletongobblin...
2014-01-11 jpopeanother airy update
2014-01-11 jpopeminor updates for airy
2014-01-10 tilly-QThis is a very minor change that makes it possible...
2014-01-08 jpope777Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/skeletongobblin...
2014-01-08 jpopemove "wide" view to seperate branch
2014-01-08 jpoperename couple of css classes
2014-01-08 jpope777Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/skeletongobblin...
2014-01-08 jpopeadjust thumbnails
2014-01-08 jpopecenter media within media container
2014-01-08 jpopeadd warning color to delete buttons.
2014-01-08 jpopestyle cancel "button" on attachments page
2014-01-07 jpope777Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/skeletongobblin...
2014-01-07 jpopeadd a little button color and new media page layout
2014-01-07 jpopeskeletonize frontpage welcome
2014-01-07 jpopeadjust 404 page
2014-01-07 jpopeadjust banned page