2015-04-10 Boris Bobrovfix incorrect syntax in docs (bug 5310) master
2015-04-03 Christopher... Whoops, fix --without-virtualenv's helptext
2015-04-03 aylephUse virtualenv set by configure
2015-04-03 Christopher... Remove the very strange "pybabel" entry point I added...
2015-03-31 Jim Campbelldocs: Removed note about installing from Clarified...
2015-03-31 Jim Campbelldocs: Updated instructions re: Postgresql setup
2015-03-30 Jim Campbelldocs: Fixed typo - missing closing bracket in link...
2015-03-30 Jim Campbelldocs: Switched to 'useradd', as it is a more cross...
2015-03-29 Jim Campbelldocs: Fix bad link in api.rst. Fixes 1019
2015-03-29 Jim Campbelldocs: Added npm/nodejs as a dependency. Also added...
2015-03-20 Christopher... Merge branch 'stable'
2015-03-20 Christopher... git clone from https instead of git:// because gitoriou... stable
2015-03-19 Boris BobrovProper handling of tags in skip_transcode
2015-03-19 Boris BobrovPrevent exception on transcoding failure (bug 460)
2015-03-14 Jessica TallonFix #5036 - Add pip-selfcheck.json to .gitignore
2015-03-12 Jakob Kramerwtforms.fields.TextField was deprecated
2015-03-12 Jaakko LuttinenFix welcome image URL in the front page template (...
2015-03-12 aylephCorrect version number
2015-03-12 aylephUse UTC for all timesince comparisons
2015-03-05 Christopher... Patch from breton: fix #5053 (gmg addmedia broken in...
2015-03-05 Christopher... Merge remote-tracking branch 'refs/remotes/breton/bug...
2015-03-05 Christopher... Committing extracted and compiled translations
2015-03-05 Christopher... Not sure why these changes never got pushed up ...
2015-03-02 Boris BobrovFix bug 647
2015-02-25 Boris Bobrovinit GStreamer on demand only
2015-02-22 Christopher... Switch docs over to suggest using bootstrap with config...
2015-02-22 Christopher... Drop Python2.6 support in
2015-02-22 Christopher... Let's try setting up the version number via
2015-02-21 Christopher... Removing a lot of stuff from that we aren...
2015-02-21 Christopher... No longer commit .mo files into the repository!
2015-02-21 Christopher... Make "make check" actually run tests
2015-02-21 Christopher... A more reliable test, check against expected keys,...
2015-02-21 Christopher... Seems we can get rid of that specific six version depen...
2015-02-21 Christopher... Stop looking for exact exif numbers
2015-02-21 Christopher... Skip audio tests if scikits.audiolab not installed
2015-02-18 Christopher... Merge remote-tracking branch 'refs/remotes/breton/new_g...
2015-02-18 Boris Bobrovadded missing package to deployment instructions
2015-02-18 Christopher... Fix the token issues in the migration
2015-02-18 Christopher... acess_token->access_token
2015-02-18 Christopher... Fixing typo: notifiction->notification
2015-02-18 Christopher... This one should be dt_to_utc, not db_to_utc, I believe
2015-02-18 Christopher... Removing cruft from the makefile
2015-02-17 Christopher... Clean up makefile, make `make docs` / `make info` actua...
2015-02-17 Boris BobrovMissing codecs processing with gst 1.4
2015-02-17 Christopher... Add myself to the copyrights of
2015-02-17 Christopher... Clarify the "make clean" caution'ing
2015-02-17 Christopher... Proper cleanup of extlib with a make distclean
2015-02-17 Christopher... Fixing symlink to jquery.js in post-bower universe
2015-02-17 Christopher... Fixing video-js symlink for new bower based checkout
2015-02-17 Christopher... Back to pdf.js from git submodules...
2015-02-17 Christopher... We're now installing through bower, so we can ignore...
2015-02-17 Christopher... ignore things we're now installing through extlib
2015-02-17 Christopher... Remove extlib deps moved into bower
2015-02-17 Christopher... Script and makefile adjustments for updating extlib
2015-02-17 Christopher... Add extlib-installing bower files
2015-02-17 Asheesh Laroiawip
2015-02-17 Asheesh LaroiaAdd initial package.json file with two dependencies
2015-02-17 Christopher... Add a "make docs" target
2015-02-17 Jessica TallonOfficially drop support for Python 2.6 (see #966)
2015-02-16 Boris Bobrovadded missing import to video transcoding
2015-02-16 Boris Bobrovadded tests skipping if there is no proper gstreamer
2015-02-16 Boris BobrovAdded multiple a-v streams handling
2015-02-16 Boris Bobrova tiny fix to function doc
2015-02-16 Boris BobrovAdd new hook for two-step media type checking
2015-02-16 Boris Bobrovupdated function docs
2015-02-16 Boris Bobrovadded a/v submission testing
2015-02-16 Boris Bobrovadded docs about new gstreamer
2015-02-16 Boris BobrovPort of audio to GStreamer 1.0
2015-02-16 Boris BobrovPorting video to GStreamer 1.0
2015-02-15 Jessica TallonFix #1065 - Migrate from native datetimes to UTC
2015-02-15 Jessica TallonRemove deprecated oauth 2 plugin
2015-02-15 Jessica TallonChange 'federation' name to 'api' which is more suitable
2015-02-15 Boris BobrovRewrite thumbnailer
2015-02-14 Christopher... Switch to using ./devtools/
2015-02-14 Christopher... choose pybabel depending on whether one is available...
2015-02-14 Christopher... Might as well make the Transifex->Pootle switch officia...
2015-02-14 Christopher... Move compiling translations into its own script
2015-02-13 Asheesh LaroiaRemove html5slider Javascript helper
2015-02-05 Christopher... no reason to say LGPL where AGPL applies in COPYING
2015-01-27 Jessica TallonFix #1052 - Make activity cascade delete work when...
2015-01-20 Jessica TallonLet parser handle typing for deletuser command
2015-01-19 Boris Bobrovfixed wrong git mv in Pootle transition script
2015-01-18 Christopher... Committing extracted and compiled translations
2015-01-18 Christopher... Compile .po files to the LC_MESSAGES subdir
2015-01-18 Christopher... Exclude the LC_MESSAGES stuff (and master pulling)
2015-01-16 Christopher... Moving translation files over for Pootle move.
2015-01-16 Boris BobrovExclude index dir from sync with Pootle
2015-01-16 Christopher... Update the pootle translation updating script to compil...
2015-01-16 Boris BobrovAdded facilities for Pootle.
2015-01-16 Christopher... Committing extracted and compiled translations
2015-01-09 Berker PeksagSilenced a Sphinx warning.
2015-01-09 Berker PeksagAdded an "htmlview" target to open docs after building...
2015-01-09 Jessica TallonMinor fixes to API documentation: typos and dates,...
2015-01-09 Jessica TallonUpdate and reorganise API documentation
2015-01-06 Jessica TallonAdd upper limit to count GET param for inbox and feed
2014-12-30 Jessica TallonClean up documentation and add documentation on activities
2014-12-22 Jessica TallonFix 1e0c938 by allowing target to be translatable in...
2014-12-22 Jessica TallonAllow Activity.content to be fully translatable
2014-12-18 Jessica TallonFix #1066 - Fix OAuth issue when using GET params
2014-12-16 Jessica TallonFix #1078 - Stop 500 error when GET request on inbox