2012-12-20 Christopher... NOW RELEASING: MediaGoblin 0.3.2! :D v0.3.2
2012-12-20 Christopher... Committing extracted and compiled translations
2012-12-20 Christopher... Committing present MediaGoblin translations before...
2012-12-20 Christopher... 0.3.2 release notes
2012-12-20 Christopher... Updating AUTHORS with new contributors. Nice job new...
2012-12-20 Christopher... Committing extracted and compiled translations
2012-12-20 Christopher... Docs fix: Adding proper blank line after the "Run::"
2012-12-20 Christopher... Added documentation on how to add STL support, and...
2012-12-19 Sebastian SpaethTry ipython-based shell first, falling back to plain...
2012-12-18 Christopher... makeadmin and changepasswd had swapped help text
2012-12-16 Jef van SchendelRemove collection_thumbnail styling, so collection...
2012-12-15 Sebastian SpaethRelease note 0.3.2 blurb
2012-12-15 Christopher... Adding info to the docs about running dbupdate
2012-12-14 Christopher... Switching both gettext calls to _() so babel can find...
2012-12-14 Christopher... Add comments explaining how translitcodec *is* used
2012-12-14 Sebastian SpaethAdd example to the lazy gettext version to make clear...
2012-12-14 Sebastian SpaethUse the correct translation mechanism
2012-12-14 Sebastian SpaethFiy python2.7'ism (#566)
2012-12-13 Jef van SchendelSmall styling edits to thumbnails
2012-12-13 ElrondMake "add media to collection" a normal <img/>
2012-12-13 ElrondMigrate some fixes from base.html to airy/base.html.
2012-12-12 ElrondDo not translate just a variable expansion.
2012-12-12 ElrondFix spacing in links to attachment files.
2012-12-12 Christopher... We don't need to save entries during processing......
2012-12-12 Sebastian SpaethMore unicode fixes in the test suite
2012-12-12 Christopher... Setting the user profile back to 3 columns wide!
2012-12-11 Sebastian SpaethMake sqlalchemy stop complaining about non-unicode...
2012-12-11 Sebastian SpaethFix CSRF tests with webtest 1.4.0
2012-12-10 Christopher... Remove print statments from this migration.
2012-12-10 ElrondFix typo, disable debugging.
2012-12-10 ElrondUniqueConstraing migration: Adding the explaining comments.
2012-12-10 ElrondFixing our broken CollectionItem unique constraint.
2012-12-10 Nathan YerglerEnsure query_dict is a dict after the contents have...
2012-12-09 Christopher... Eeek! Set the migration number to the current migratio...
2012-12-09 Christopher... Elrond's suggestion: have set_current_migration execute...
2012-12-07 Christopher... Committing extracted and compiled translations
2012-12-07 Christopher... Committing present MediaGoblin translations before...
2012-12-05 Christopher... Add a UniqueConstraint add test in test_sql_migrations
2012-12-05 Sebastian SpaethFix user collection gallery
2012-12-05 Sebastian SpaethSwitch over the user gallery to the active_user_from_ur...
2012-12-05 Sebastian SpaethCreate a active_user_from_url decorator
2012-12-04 Sebastian SpaethRemove gridify_*
2012-12-04 Christopher... We arean't using header_dropdown.js anymore because...
2012-12-04 Sebastian Spaethmake media_manager a property of MediaEntry in
2012-12-04 Sebastian SpaethFallback to "en_US" if browser does not send preferred...
2012-12-03 Christopher... Moving thingiview.js into extlib/
2012-12-03 Christopher... Switch stl processing over to using the workbench
2012-12-03 Christopher... Correcting minor typo in exception string: Empyt->Empty
2012-12-03 Christopher... Removing unused conversions subdir
2012-12-03 Christopher... Moving blender render files to be accessed via pkg_reso...
2012-12-03 Christopher... Removing, which isn't used
2012-12-03 Aeva NtscRemoved debug info from the sidebar.
2012-12-03 Aeva Ntsctweaking the template
2012-12-03 Aeva NtscFixed the binary stl loader.
2012-12-03 Aeva NtscDisabled thingiview for obj models, since thingiview...
2012-12-03 Aeva NtscAdded a table to store the file extension of a model.
2012-12-03 Aeva NtscUpdated the template for viewing stl models.
2012-12-03 Aeva NtscAdded preview rendering for a bunch of different shots.
2012-12-03 Aeva NtscCatching ValueError when trying to use ObjModel on...
2012-12-03 Aeva NtscAdded script for manually testing the blender renderer.
2012-12-03 Aeva NtscAdded blender renderer
2012-12-03 Aeva Ntscmade 3d viewer a little cleaner
2012-12-03 Aeva Ntscdisabled auto rotate
2012-12-03 Aeva NtscAdded the stl/obj mediatype.
2012-12-03 Aeva NtscAdded a rudimentary template for the stl/obj viewer.
2012-12-03 Aeva NtscAdded the thingiview.js library.
2012-12-03 Aeva NtscAdded the thingiview.js library.
2012-12-03 Christopher... Committing extracted and compiled translations
2012-12-03 Christopher... Committing present MediaGoblin translations before...
2012-12-03 ElrondFix translations around.
2012-12-03 Sebastian SpaethGo back to pre-login URL after loging in
2012-12-03 Sebastian SpaethProvide jinja2 urlencode filter
2012-12-03 Sebastian SpaethAdd extlibs to packaging
2012-12-03 Sebastian SpaethUse pypi-compatible license signature
2012-12-02 Sebastian Spaethen_US is always available
2012-12-02 Christopher... Fixing bug where not all conditions returned a language...
2012-12-02 Sebastian SpaethFall back to "en" if we don't find matching translations
2012-12-02 Sebastian SpaethAlso package i18n/*.mo
2012-12-01 Sebastian SpaethHonor user's browser language (#558)
2012-12-01 Sebastian SpaethFix i18n in our browser
2012-12-01 Sebastian Spaethdocs: Add trim_whitespaces plugin to relnotes and docum...
2012-12-01 Sebastian Spaethtrim_whitespace meddleware plugin
2012-12-01 Sebastian SpaethMake ENABLED_MEDDLEWARES a list and not a tuple, so...
2012-12-01 Sebastian SpaethRemove the NoOp meddleware
2012-11-30 Sebastian SpaethImplement licenses.get_license_by_url
2012-11-30 Sebastian SpaethImprove
2012-11-30 Sebastian SpaethUse mediagoblin import machinery
2012-11-30 Sebastian SpaethRemove importlib (python2.7'ism)
2012-11-29 ElrondMerge remote-tracking branch 'spaetz/formerge/538_FORBI...
2012-11-29 Sebastian SpaethFix error page text
2012-11-29 ElrondMerge remote-tracking branch 'spaetz/formerge/bundle_xm...
2012-11-29 Sebastian SpaethAlso package webfinger.xml
2012-11-29 ElrondMerge remote-tracking branch 'spaetz/formerge/507_remov...
2012-11-29 Sebastian SpaethReturn code 403 when accessing admin pages
2012-11-29 Sebastian SpaethImplement generic error pages
2012-11-28 ElrondMerge some small bits by spaetz. Needed later.
2012-11-28 Sebastian SpaethAdd commit argument to clean_orphan_tags
2012-11-28 ElrondAdd "commit" argument to Base model delete()
2012-11-27 Jef van SchendelMerge remote-tracking branch 'spaetz/focus_on_user_crea...
2012-11-26 Christopher... Merge remote-tracking branch 'refs/remotes/elrond/sql...