2012-03-26 Christopher... TestSubission's tag check stuff passing now sqltests
2012-03-26 Christopher... Remove the user_dev directory on tests ending
2012-03-26 Christopher... Suggest we move to an in-memory database ;)
2012-03-26 Christopher... SQL based tests and refactored Celery setup stuff
2012-03-25 Jef van SchendelMerge branch 'master' of
2012-03-25 ElrondMerge remote-tracking branch 'gandaro/forgot-password...
2012-03-25 Jakob Kramerset username default server-side
2012-03-25 Jef van SchendelHeader style change
2012-03-25 ElrondDrop debug from migration.
2012-03-25 ElrondCleanup mongo->sql converter.
2012-03-25 ElrondDo not fill media_data['exif'] any more.
2012-03-25 ElrondMigration fixup: Drop empty exif_all.
2012-03-25 ElrondCreate migration to move exif data around in media_data.
2012-03-25 ElrondUse exif_display_iter in the template.
2012-03-25 ElrondStart to fill media_data.exif_all in addition.
2012-03-24 Jakob KramerFill username automatically in (Forget Password)
2012-03-24 Christopher... Merge remote-tracking branch 'remotes/gandaro/wipeallda...
2012-03-24 Jakob KramerWipe the configured database, not the default one
2012-03-24 Jakob KramerAllow arrow keys in input fields and textareas
2012-03-23 Jakob Kramerremove unused `' module
2012-03-23 ElrondFix cyclic import issue.
2012-03-23 ElrondCreate MediaEntry.exif_display_iter()
2012-03-23 Elrondimage_mediadata: Add exif_all column
2012-03-23 ElrondAdd copyright header to image/
2012-03-23 Jakob Kramercorrect wrong version number
2012-03-22 ElrondNew media_data row needs to know its MediaEntry's id.
2012-03-21 ElrondAdd index=True for some columns.
2012-03-21 ElrondFinally load all models.
2012-03-21 ElrondPanel: Find "unprocessed" not "processing" entries.
2012-03-21 ElrondAnd fix the in-celeryd import.
2012-03-21 ElrondMove celery task into own
2012-03-21 ElrondTurn into a submodule.
2012-03-21 Christopher... Merge remote-tracking branch 'refs/remotes/brett/bug270...
2012-03-20 ElrondMore standard media_data model for ascii.
2012-03-20 ElrondCreate load_models().
2012-03-20 ElrondImport "Base" from base instead of models.
2012-03-20 ElrondDisable query logging for now, so we get nicer logs
2012-03-18 Jakob Kramer500 error because of subscripting instead of using...
2012-03-18 Christopher... Committing extracted and compiled translations
2012-03-18 Christopher... Committing present MediaGoblin translations before...
2012-03-18 Christopher... Fixing manual tyop: MediaGoblin, not MediaGobiin (thank...
2012-03-18 Christopher... Removing print statements from convert_gps_media_data...
2012-03-18 Brett SmithRefactor to and provide...
2012-03-17 ElrondLet convert_mongo_to_sql add Migration Records
2012-03-17 Christopher... Merge remote-tracking branch 'brett/bug264-delete-comme...
2012-03-17 Christopher... Merge branch 'master' of
2012-03-17 Christopher... mongo->sql conversion script now runs mongo migrations...
2012-03-17 Jef van SchendelRemove sidedata class from html pages
2012-03-17 Christopher... Also ignore the /share/ directory
2012-03-17 Jef van SchendelSmall styling change for sidebar data
2012-03-17 Christopher... Make mediagoblin SQL models all use a consistent table...
2012-03-17 Brett SmithWhen media is deleted, delete associated comments too.
2012-03-17 Christopher... Mongosql imports made celery get set up before we wante...
2012-03-17 ElrondMore/better translation.
2012-03-16 Jef van SchendelSmall formatting changes to footer text.
2012-03-16 ElrondCreate function to search media by slug.
2012-03-16 ElrondFix for mongo.
2012-03-16 ElrondMore efficient first element fetching and Dot-Notation.
2012-03-16 ElrondFix _get_tag_name_from_entries().
2012-03-15 ElrondFix uploading of images (sql: media_data, exif).
2012-03-15 ElrondFix media display for no media_data row in sql.
2012-03-14 Christopher... Implemented the MediaEntry .media_data type fields...
2012-03-14 Christopher... Removing an unnecessary line of whitespace AND creditin...
2012-03-14 Christopher... Merge branch 'master' of
2012-03-14 Christopher... ipython support in ./bin/gmg shell!
2012-03-14 ElrondAdd gps_altitude and gps_direction to image media_data.
2012-03-14 ElrondConvert (gps) image media_data.
2012-03-14 ElrondChange image processing to create new .gps_*.
2012-03-14 ElrondUse .gps_* in the template and add translations.
2012-03-14 ElrondMigration to move gps data around
2012-03-14 Christopher... Merge branch 'elrond-sql-convert_video_data'
2012-03-14 Christopher... Fix VideoData insertion
2012-03-14 Christopher... Preserve existing translation
2012-03-14 Christopher... Provide a source link so we can comply with the AGPL
2012-03-13 ElrondConvert media_data for video
2012-03-13 Christopher... Merge remote-tracking branch 'refs/remotes/chemhacker...
2012-03-13 Sacha De'Angeliadding the video.js wrapper
2012-03-12 Christopher... Merge branch 'master' of
2012-03-12 ElrondAnother .one -> .find_one
2012-03-12 Christopher... Merge remote-tracking branch 'derek-moore/bug293_non_as...
2012-03-12 Derek MooreChanges for 293. Tests pass, encode UTF8 on password...
2012-03-12 ElrondChange user search from .one to .fine_one.
2012-03-12 ElrondBetter media_data sql table for images.
2012-03-12 Sacha De'Angeliadds video preload bug 375
2012-03-12 Christopher... Added m4v to list of media types and a comment stating...
2012-03-10 Jef van SchendelSlight change to thumbnail gallery style
2012-03-10 ElrondImprove logging of sql queries a bit.
2012-03-08 ElrondForgot to add FileKeynames to MODELS
2012-03-08 ElrondNormalize (make it a foreignkey)
2012-03-08 Joar WandborgChanged from key-notation to dot-notation in edit_profile
2012-03-08 Joar WandborgSQL: Added MediaFile and MediaAttachmentFile to MODELS
2012-03-07 ElrondGeneric generate_slug for mongo and sql.
2012-03-07 Jef van SchendelPush another half-fix for portrait thumbnails. Man...
2012-03-07 Jef van SchendelSort-of fixes so the header does not collapse anymore...
2012-03-07 Jef van SchendelHeader doesn't need a height
2012-03-07 Jef van SchendelActually decrease thumbnail size instead of just their...
2012-03-06 ElrondTranslate less html.
2012-03-05 Jef van SchendelMerge branch 'master' of
2012-03-05 Jef van SchendelRevert thumbnail gallery change: switch back to tables
2012-03-05 Jef van SchendelFix merge conflict in prev_next.html