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last changeSat, 28 Sep 2013 18:10:17 +0000 (14:10 -0400)
2013-09-28 Simon Fondrie... add fresound license debian-package
2013-09-28 Simon Fondrie... Merge tag 'v0.5.1' into debian-package
2013-09-28 Simon Fondrie... Up version to 0.5.1-1
2013-09-26 Christopher... v0.5.1 release notes
2013-09-25 Christopher... v0.5.1 release
2013-09-25 Christopher... Actually link to the script
2013-09-25 Christopher... Support python 2.6 again! Thanks to julianoliver for...
2013-09-21 Simon Fondrie... add a depends on python to mediagoblin
2013-09-21 Simon Fondrie... add sources for two binary files
2013-09-20 Christopher... We're no longer using this image, as awesome as it is
2013-09-20 Christopher... Adding the .xcf file of the MediaGoblin goblin.
2013-09-20 Simon Fondrie... generalize the rm of requires.txt to work across versions
2013-09-20 Simon Fondrie... bump version number
2013-09-20 Simon Fondrie... remove patches needed for the last release that are...
2013-09-19 Simon Fondrie... add a png file
2013-09-19 Simon Fondrie... Tell dpkg-source to include .mo files as binaries.
5 years ago v0.3.3 Releasing v0.3.3
5 years ago v0.3.2 MediaGoblin v0.3.2: Goblinverse
5 years ago v0.3.1 Tag v0.3.1
6 years ago v0.3.0 Tag v0.3.0
6 years ago v0.2.1 Tag v0.2.1
6 years ago v0.2.0 Tag 0.2.0
6 years ago v0.1.0 MediaGoblin 0.1.0: Living the Dream
6 years ago v0.0.5 Tagging 0.0.5
6 years ago v0.0.4 Tagging 0.0.4.
6 years ago v0.0.3 Tagging 0.0.3
7 years ago v0.0.2 Tagging v0.0.2.
7 years ago v0.0.1 Tagging 0.0.1 milestone. Yay!
4 years ago debian-package
4 years ago patch-queue/debian-package
4 years ago fix/add-media
4 years ago master
5 years ago 533-new-dropdown
5 years ago larger-thumbnails
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