2013-03-15 András Veres... added missing calls to super.on{Create,Destroy}
2013-03-15 András Veres... avoid NullPointerException by positioning literal first
2013-03-15 András Veres... Removed unused method parameter
2013-03-15 András Veres... Removed unnecessary variable
2013-03-15 András Veres... Removed practically empty finally block
2013-03-15 András Veres... Simplified nested if statement
2012-11-24 Nathan YerglerLog tags have a maximum length of 23 characters.
2012-11-24 Nathan YerglerSlightly improved main activity layout.
2012-11-24 Nathan YerglerIgnore files generated by the build process.
2012-11-24 Nathan YerglerShow success Toast when account is registered.
2012-11-24 Nathan YerglerShow some help text when prompting for the MG server.
2012-11-24 Nathan YerglerPrompt to add an account if one doesn't exist.
2012-11-24 Nathan YerglerInitial import of MediaGoblin for Android.