More script cleanup
[mediagoblin-automation:mediagoblin-selenium.git] / tests / util /
2013-09-13 Emily O'LearyMore script cleanup
2013-09-13 Emily O'LearyUpdated tools to use correct namespace. Incremental...
2013-09-13 Emily O'LearyUpdated setup to allow adding collections.
2013-09-13 Emily O'LearyAdded #!/usr/bin/env python to tests.
2013-09-03 Emily O'LearyAdded method to batch upload at the start of the
2013-08-24 Emily O'LearyAdded comments to upload function in the UploadFile...
2013-08-24 Emily O'LearyUpdated documentation to mention an issue with IDE...
2013-08-16 Emily O'LearyAdded /tests/util directory with login/logout scripts.