last changeSun, 18 Sep 2011 16:24:44 +0000 (20:24 +0400)
2011-09-18 Denis KormalevVersion actualized master
2011-09-18 Denis KormalevScreensaver inhibiting added.
2011-09-13 Denis KormalevToolbar is dark now
2011-09-11 Denis KormalevCrash fixed
2011-09-11 Denis KormalevCrash fixed. MeeGo is back to booster now
2011-09-11 Denis KormalevUI moved to QDeclarativeView (MainWindow removed)....
2011-09-11 Denis KormalevSymbian new UI started. Forgotten license headers added.
2011-09-11 Denis Kormalevqmls moved to different folders (symbian and meego)
2011-09-11 Denis KormalevNetwork params moved to host and port settings instead...
2011-09-10 Denis KormalevButtons and sliders sizes increased in MeeGo. Bug with...
2011-09-10 Denis KormalevMore work on meego. PageStackWindow and ToolBar are...
2011-09-08 Denis KormalevApplication is now single-instanced at Harmattan
2011-09-08 Denis KormalevMore work on Harmattan packaging
2011-09-08 Denis KormalevPackaging for MeeGo Harmattan. Modified Icons (more...
2011-07-20 Denis KormalevUnneeded debug removed
2011-07-20 Denis KormalevVersion updated
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