Fixes. About dialog. Books properly removed from library when file is deleted.
[mebook:mebook.git] / ui / mainwindow.cpp
2010-08-23 Juhana JauhiainenFixes. About dialog. Books properly removed from librar...
2010-08-16 Juhana JauhiainenBug fixes.
2010-08-14 Juhana JauhiainenRefactoring. Added comments.
2010-08-12 Juhana JauhiainenRefactoring. Added comments.
2010-08-10 Juhana JauhiainenBug fixes. Added application icon.
2010-08-09 Juhana JauhiainenBug fixes. History in pagemode.
2010-08-06 Juhana JauhiainenProgress, bookmarks and annotations saved with percenta...
2010-08-03 Juhana JauhiainenFixes and improvements to slider system.
2010-07-28 Juhana JauhiainenAdded Qt resource file. Bug fixes.
2010-07-26 Juhana JauhiainenDownloading cover images. Bug fixes. UI improvements.
2010-07-25 Juhana JauhiainenBasic search and download from
2010-07-21 Juhana JauhiainenSelectorDialog replaced with a model/view based system...
2010-07-16 Juhana JauhiainenBasic annonations system. Color picker. Bug fixes.
2010-07-08 Juhana JauhiainenBug fixes and other improvements.
2010-07-07 Juhana JauhiainenBug fixes.
2010-07-05 Juhana JauhiainenScrolling mode.
2010-06-30 Juhana JauhiainenFixed a bug with orientations change.
2010-06-28 Juhana JauhiainenForce backligh on. UI improvements.
2010-06-23 Juhana JauhiainenAdd bookmark dialog with color selector. Saving bookmar...
2010-06-23 Juhana JauhiainenBasic bookmark system.
2010-06-16 Juhana JauhiainenChanges to the startupview.
2010-06-15 Juhana JauhiainenBookView inherits QGraphicsView. QWebFrame used for...
2010-06-10 Juhana JauhiainenInvert colors mode added. Contributors file added.
2010-06-10 Juhana JauhiainenRefactoring. Fixes on how books are loaded from files.
2010-06-09 Juhana JauhiainenRemember reading progress in scrolling mode. Basic...
2010-06-09 Juhana JauhiainenRefactoring to epub-support. Volume keys now jump page...
2010-06-08 Juhana JauhiainenBetter system for changing HTML and CSS settings in...
2010-06-07 Juhana JauhiainenChanges to project file.
2010-06-06 Juhana JauhiainenCode cleanup. Small fixes.
2010-06-06 Juhana JauhiainenVolume keys used to moving to next or previous paragraph.
2010-06-03 Juhana JauhiainenLoading books from a folder, library view and bug fixes.
2010-06-02 Juhana JauhiainenChanging font added to settings dialog. Settings now...
2010-06-01 Juhana JauhiainenFullscreen mode enabled by doubletapping.
2010-06-01 Juhana JauhiainenBasic startupview and file loading.
2010-05-31 Juhana JauhiainenBetter TOC navigation.
2010-05-30 Juhana JauhiainenTable of contents navigation.
2010-05-29 Juhana JauhiainenUI code.