2013-09-09 Howard ChuRelease 0.9.8 LMDB_0.9.8
2013-09-05 Howard Chuupdates
2013-09-05 Salvador OrtizITS#7682 In mdb_env_copy retry open if O_DIRECT fails
2013-09-05 Howard ChuMore for 5f6fa8c04204888c4ff7ac6be1868d81ff4410a8
2013-09-05 Claude BrissonITS#7681 fix mdb_cursor_set behaviour for MDB_SET_RANGE
2013-09-03 Howard ChuRemember if last cursor op was a delete
2013-08-29 Howard ChuAdd a changelog
2013-08-29 Howard ChuBump version to 0.9.8
2013-08-29 Howard ChuAllow mdb_env_set_mapsize() on an open environment
2013-08-27 Howard ChuITS#7672 fix mdb_dbi_flags
2013-08-25 Hallvard Furusethmdb_page_unspill(): Fix dirty_room in nested txn
2013-08-24 Howard ChuAnother take on spill_pgs and deletes
2013-08-24 Howard ChuCleanup prev commit
2013-08-24 Howard ChuSpeedup deletion from spill_pgs
2013-08-23 Howard ChuITS#7671 always return the key for a dup val
2013-08-23 Howard ChuITS#7670 Tweak cursor_del0
2013-08-23 Hallvard Furusethmdb_page_spill(): Fix nested txn mt_dirty_room
2013-08-23 Hallvard FurusethSimplify last commits
2013-08-23 Howard ChuTweak prev commit
2013-08-23 Howard ChuLess aggressive page_spill
2013-08-21 Howard ChuUpdate caveats now that mdb_reader_check exists
2013-08-14 Howard ChuSilence warnings LMDB_0.9.7
2013-08-14 Hallvard FurusethTweak ITS#7615 fix: Obey strict-aliasing rules.
2013-08-13 Howard ChuITS#7664 better fix
2013-08-13 Howard ChuRevert "ITS#7664 delete lockfile if there is no environ...
2013-08-13 Howard ChuITS#7664 delete lockfile if there is no environment
2013-08-12 Howard ChuFix uninit'd mem ref in mdb_page_split
2013-08-12 Howard ChuTweak NODUPDATA flag check
2013-08-12 Howard ChuFix obscure MDB_MULTIPLE bug
2013-08-10 Howard ChuPoint to mdb.c for docs on macros in Makefile
2013-08-10 Hallvard FurusethAvoid compiling debug args with C90 compilers.
2013-08-10 Hallvard FurusethRefuse ops on bad txns
2013-08-10 Hallvard FurusethReplace EINVALs with generalized MDB_INCOMPATIBLE.
2013-08-10 John HewsonITS#7656 fix install target
2013-08-10 Salvador OrtizITS#7660 Add mdb_txn_env to API
2013-08-10 Hallvard Furusethmdb_txn_commit(): Always commit if MDB_TXN_SPILLS.
2013-08-10 Salvador OrtizITS#7661 mdb_dbi_flags(): Allow main DBI
2013-08-09 Salvador Ortizmdb_del must ignore data if db not opened with MDB_DUPSORT
2013-08-09 Howard ChuAdd mdb_env_get_maxkeysize()
2013-08-09 Hallvard FurusethReplace unpredictable EINVAL error returns.
2013-08-09 Hallvard FurusethRe-fix reader-pid code
2013-08-08 Hallvard Furusethmdb_cursorpages_mark: Mark current txn and no more.
2013-08-08 Hallvard FurusethFix mdb_ovpage_free() vs. spill.
2013-08-08 Hallvard FurusethFix page spilling when MDB_WRITEMAP.
2013-08-08 Hallvard FurusethSet MDB_TXN_ERROR when inconsistent txn state
2013-08-08 Hallvard FurusethFactor out MDB_env.
2013-08-08 Hallvard FurusethMDB_LOCK_VERSION -> MDB_LOCK_FORMAT.
2013-08-08 Hallvard FurusethFix mdb_reader_pid().
2013-08-07 Howard ChuUse proper printf format on Windows
2013-08-05 Hallvard FurusethSilence warnings
2013-08-05 Hallvard FurusethTweak comments
2013-08-05 Hallvard FurusethClarify doc: mdb_copy, nested txns, mdb_drop().
2013-07-31 Howard ChuTweak prev commit again
2013-07-30 Howard ChuFix typo in Win32 branch
2013-07-30 Howard ChuCleanup prev commit
2013-07-30 Howard ChuITS#7652 fix I/O error checks
2013-07-29 Howard ChuTweak mdb_envinfo numreaders
2013-07-26 Howard ChuITS#7615 use shorter names for semaphores
2013-07-19 Howard ChuTweak reader_pid check
2013-07-19 Howard ChuGet pid lock outside of rmutex
2013-07-18 Howard ChuTweak reader checks
2013-07-18 Howard ChuAdd mdb_reader_check()
2013-07-18 Howard ChuTweak reader_list
2013-07-18 Howard ChuTweak mdb_stat(1)
2013-07-18 Howard ChuAdd mdb_reader_list()
2013-07-15 Howard ChuAdd mdb_dbi_flags()
2013-07-14 Howard ChuFix child txn dirty_room counts in spill/unspill
2013-07-14 Howard ChuMore for stale sub-cursor flags
2013-07-14 Howard ChuFix stale sub-cursor C_INIT flag
2013-07-12 Howard ChuTweak comments, defaults should be OK already
2013-07-12 Howard ChuBump version to 0.9.7
2013-07-12 Hallvard FurusethAlso set/clear P_KEEP in parent txn's cursors
2013-07-12 Howard ChuSpill pages, take 3
2013-07-12 Howard ChuDelay touching pages until cursor is positioned.
2013-07-12 Hallvard FurusethSimplify: Always set C_UNTRACK for tracked cursors.
2013-07-12 Hallvard FurusethSave freelist using proper mdb_cursor_put().
2013-07-12 Howard ChuMove code out to mdb_page_dirty()
2013-07-12 Howard ChuFactor out parent
2013-07-12 Howard ChuFix env_read_header() on Windows
2013-07-10 Hallvard FurusethDo not follow uninited cursors' page pointers.
2013-07-10 Howard ChuFix rebalance/cursor adjust
2013-07-10 Howard ChuCursors: Clear C_EOF when clearing C_INITIALIZED
2013-07-09 Howard ChuFixup other cursors after delete op
2013-07-07 Hallvard FurusethITS#7515 Reject conflicting page versions.
2013-07-07 Hallvard FurusethITS#7515 Fix tracking of parent txn's cursors.
2013-07-07 Hallvard FurusethSimplify MDB_cursor: Drop flags C_ALLOCD,C_SHADOW.
2013-07-06 Hallvard FurusethSilence more uninit warnings
2013-07-02 Howard ChuSilence uninit warning in prev commit
2013-07-02 Howard ChuTweaks for MDB_MULTIPLE
2013-07-01 Howard ChuITS#7635 simplify 9474c1a0b62cad57b62855d09a201670385caa80
2013-07-01 Howard ChuITS#7635 fix read txn potential data race
2013-06-30 Howard ChuFix uninit warnings, lseek usage
2013-06-26 Hallvard FurusethFix alloc/free issues.
2013-06-26 Hallvard FurusethFactor out some vars, simplify.
2013-06-26 Hallvard FurusethMakefile/user-macro comments.
2013-06-26 Hallvard FurusethTweak I/O, fix last commit.
2013-06-22 Hallvard FurusethImprove MDB error handling, drop seek calls.
2013-06-22 Hallvard FurusethFix Windows I/O.
2013-06-22 Hallvard FurusethCatch more MDB errors. DPRINTF in mdb_env_reset0.