2014-09-20 Howard Chunew date LMDB_0.9.14
2014-09-19 Howard ChuITS#7943 reinit txn flags
2014-09-18 Howard ChuPlug leak in 4d02c741b120786df1b87ee9ed49c1d3f9bc7522
2014-09-16 Howard ChuSilence some clang warnings
2014-09-15 Howard ChuRelease 0.9.14
2014-09-13 Quanah Gibson... Change retry to num times 60. Testing shows that on...
2014-09-09 Howard ChuMore for me_pgoldest
2014-09-09 Howard ChuRemember oldest reader txnid
2014-09-04 Howard ChuUse a single write txn
2014-08-24 Howard ChuITS#7913 cleanup
2014-08-22 Howard ChuMore for MIPS
2014-08-18 Howard ChuPartially revert ada26306992babeccad0c5443fbd76e28dd24cd6
2014-08-16 Hallvard FurusethMicrooptimize loose pages
2014-08-16 Hallvard FurusethFix loose pages in mdb_freelist_save().
2014-08-16 Hallvard FurusethSplit out mdb_midl_xmerge, add MDB_IDL_ALLOCLEN
2014-08-11 Howard ChuITS#7917
2014-08-11 Howard ChuITS#7917 fix mdb_dbi_open
2014-08-07 Howard ChuJust use memalign, not posix_memalign
2014-08-04 Howard ChuMore for MIPS
2014-08-04 Howard ChuITS#7793 more for branch key update
2014-08-04 Howard ChuITS#7793 doc update, again
2014-08-04 Howard ChuITS#7793 update branch key if needed
2014-08-02 Howard ChuMore for MIPS
2014-07-31 Howard ChuITS#7913 mdb_cursor_get(*_DUP) cleanup
2014-07-27 Howard ChuFix MIPS cache coherency on Linux
2014-07-24 Howard ChuUpdate date
2014-07-24 Howard Chumore for mdb_cursor_count
2014-07-24 Hallvard FurusethFix mdb_copy & co when MDB pagesize < OS pagesize
2014-07-24 Howard ChuITS#7789 doc updates
2014-07-24 Hallvard FurusethITS#7789 Fix mdb_env_write_meta().
2014-07-24 Howard ChuRevert ITS#7789 commits, let's try this again.
2014-07-22 Howard ChuFix env_open mode bits
2014-07-21 Howard ChuFix mdb_cursor_count, reject uninit'd cursor
2014-07-21 Howard ChuSilence prototype warnings
2014-07-14 Howard ChuTypo
2014-07-14 Howard ChuITS#7896 fix for mdb_env_map
2014-07-09 Howard ChuMore for cursor EOF
2014-07-09 Howard ChuZero-init copy2 writebuf
2014-07-09 Hallvard FurusethMDB_MAXKEYSIZE = 0 (dynamic value) when MDB_DEVEL
2014-07-09 Hallvard FurusethMDB_DEVEL doxygen fix
2014-07-09 Hallvard FurusethITS#7789 Fix resize vs MDB_NOMETASYNC, and a comment.
2014-07-09 Howard ChuWindows fixes
2014-07-09 Howard ChuWindows compat
2014-07-09 Howard ChuFix loading of printable dump
2014-07-09 Howard ChuITS#7789 more
2014-07-09 Howard ChuRevert "ITS#7789 update RESIZED errmsg text"
2014-07-09 Howard ChuITS#7825 more
2014-07-09 Howard ChuUpdates #7789, #7825
2014-07-09 Howard ChuITS#7825 more
2014-07-09 Howard ChuITS#7825 tweak prev commit
2014-07-09 Howard ChuITS#7825 add MDB_BAD_DBI error code
2014-07-09 Howard ChuITS#7789 update RESIZED errmsg text
2014-07-09 Howard ChuITS#7789 persist mapsize changes
2014-07-08 Howard ChuUpdate LMDB version date/info
2014-07-08 Howard ChuITS#7892 Fix MacOSX section name
2014-07-08 Hallvard FurusethITS#7713 cleanups
2014-07-08 Hallvard FurusethFixes for loose pages
2014-07-08 Howard ChuRe-fix cursor EOF
2014-07-08 Howard ChuITS#7713 handle 65536 byte page size
2014-07-08 Howard ChuSet xcursor EOF after deleting last entry
2014-07-07 Howard ChuCompacting copy doesn't need to snapshot metas
2014-07-06 Howard ChuWindows fixes
2014-07-05 Howard ChuPlay games with object file layout
2014-07-05 Howard ChuRationalize mdb_env_copy2 API
2014-07-03 Howard ChuMore tweaks to copyfd2
2014-07-03 Howard ChuMore copyfd2 tweaks
2014-07-03 Howard ChuFix envinfo to return fixed map address
2014-07-03 Howard ChuWindows compat
2014-07-02 Howard ChuFix subDB/ovpage copying
2014-07-02 Howard ChuLarger WBUF still better on large DB
2014-07-02 Howard ChuDon't check LEAF2 pages for subnodes
2014-07-02 Howard ChuAdd mdb_env_copy2()
2014-07-02 Howard Chudump/load need mapsize etc.
2014-07-01 Howard ChuAll diagnostics should go to stderr
2014-06-30 Howard ChuMore gcov setup tweaks
2014-06-30 Howard ChuITS#7886 fix mdb_copy write size
2014-06-28 Hallvard FurusethFix mdb_page_loose() vs. mdb_page_flush().
2014-06-27 Howard ChuTrap signals
2014-06-26 Howard ChuSetup for gcov/coverage testing
2014-06-24 Howard ChuMore for mdb_page_loose
2014-06-24 Howard ChuMore MDB -> LMDB renames
2014-06-24 Howard ChuDoc updates
2014-06-23 Howard ChuITS#7879 Windows build compatibility
2014-06-23 Howard ChuFlesh out mdb_cmp_cint for BigEndians
2014-06-22 Howard ChuMore for page_loosen
2014-06-21 Howard ChuMore cleanup for page_merge, page_loosen
2014-06-21 Howard ChuSilence ptr arithmetic warnings
2014-06-21 Howard ChuHandle loose pages
2014-06-21 Howard ChuFix mdb_page_merge
2014-06-21 Howard ChuFix mdb_node_move
2014-06-20 Howard ChuFix lineno count
2014-06-20 Howard ChuFix multiple subDBs
2014-06-20 Howard ChuFix unhex
2014-06-20 Howard ChuAdd mdb_load
2014-06-20 Howard ChuAdd mdb_dump, update copyrights
2014-06-18 Howard ChuBump to 0.9.13 LMDB_0.9.13
2014-06-18 Howard ChuBump to 0.9.13
2014-06-18 Hallvard FurusethITS#7793 Re-fix MDB_CURRENT doc: Match current item
2014-06-18 Hallvard FurusethFix MDB_GET_MULTIPLE/MDB_NEXT_MULTIPLE doc.
2014-06-18 Howard ChuTweak ovpage search