2015-04-15 Howard ChuITS#8062 also handle subcursors mdb.master
2015-04-15 Howard ChuITS#8062 fix rebalance
2015-04-14 Hallvard FurusethCleanup mtest* and sample-*.
2015-04-14 Hallvard FurusethReformat mdb_dbi_open() doc for clarity
2015-04-08 Hallvard FurusethCleanup MDB_env.me_txn0.
2015-04-08 Hallvard FurusethFix per-txn MDB_NOMETASYNC, MDB_NOSYNC.
2015-04-08 Hallvard FurusethRenumber MDB_TXN_* flags, simplify flag code
2015-04-08 Hallvard Furusethmdb_txn_renew(): Clear error from previous txn
2015-03-18 Howard ChuITS#8062 fix uninit'd cursor index
2015-02-26 Howard ChuITS#8066 fix mdb_load with large values
2015-02-12 Quanah Gibson... Happy New Year
2015-02-12 Quanah Gibson... Happy New Year
2015-02-02 Howard ChuAlso support NOMETASYNC on txn_begin
2015-01-30 Howard ChuSupport MDB_NOSYNC on mdb_txn_begin()
2015-01-27 Hallvard FurusethFix EACCES description
2015-01-17 Hallvard FurusethITS#7971 Fix reader allocation and me_numreaders
2015-01-14 Hallvard Furusethmdb_env_set_flags(): Reject CHANGELESS flags.
2015-01-13 Howard ChuFix potential null deref (coverity)
2015-01-12 Hallvard FurusethWhitespace (align with mdb.RE)
2015-01-12 Hallvard FurusethMake SysV semaphores robust. Cleanup MDB_ROBUST.
2015-01-12 Hallvard FurusethITS#8021 doc: Don't mix MDB_WRITEMAP + non-WRITEMAP
2015-01-12 Howard ChuMore cleanup for fdatasync hack
2015-01-11 Howard ChuTweak conditionals for fdatasync hack
2015-01-09 Howard ChuITS#8021 env_sync is invalid in RDONLY env
2015-01-08 Howard Chufdatasync hack, again
2015-01-08 Howard ChuRevert "Note MDB_SAFE_FDATASYNC"
2015-01-08 Howard ChuNote MDB_SAFE_FDATASYNC
2015-01-08 Howard ChuSimpler fdatasync hack
2015-01-08 Howard ChuRevert "Fix prev commit for env_sync0"
2014-12-21 Howard ChuFix prev commit for env_sync0
2014-12-18 Howard ChuHack for potential ext3/ext4 corruption issue
2014-12-15 Howard ChuFix MDB_APPEND doc
2014-12-13 Hallvard Furusethmake clean: remove *.lo
2014-12-08 Hallvard FurusethTry to avoid an invalid datafile after failed init
2014-12-08 Howard ChuClarify mdb_dbi_open doc
2014-12-05 Hallvard FurusethC90-compatible code for SysV semaphores
2014-12-05 Leo YurievITS#7987 fix excessive space for single write txn
2014-12-05 Howard ChuITS#7994 fix prev commit
2014-12-05 David BarbourITS#7994 Access to current transaction ID.
2014-12-05 Hallvard FurusethFix SysV semaphores - repair mti_txnid.
2014-12-03 Hallvard FurusethFor ITS#7789: Ensure mapsize >= pages in use.
2014-12-03 Hallvard FurusethFix WIN32 -> _WIN32
2014-12-01 Hallvard Furusethmdb_strerror: Silence warning @ Windows
2014-12-01 Hallvard FurusethFix comments
2014-12-01 Hallvard FurusethClean up SysV semaphore code.
2014-12-01 Hallvard FurusethFix robust mutexes - repair mti_txnid.
2014-12-01 Hallvard FurusethSimplify recent changes a bit.
2014-11-28 Hallvard FurusethITS#7961,#7987 Re-fix txn init.
2014-10-18 leo@yuriev.ruITS#7971 LMDB: clarification in mdb_txn_renew0().
2014-10-18 leo@yuriev.ruITS#7970 LMDB: Critical Heisenbug
2014-10-18 leo@yuriev.ruITS#7969 LMDB: volatile & __synchronize().
2014-10-08 Howard ChuITS#7959 fix prev commit
2014-10-04 Howard ChuITS#7961 fix txn init
2014-10-03 Jean-Christophe... ITS#7959 Check fstat return value
2014-10-02 Leo YurievITS#7841 trivial cleanup
2014-10-02 Howard ChuITS#7956 fix compact of empty env
2014-10-02 Howard ChuITS#7955, #7671 fix MDB_PREV_DUP
2014-10-02 Howard ChuITS#7953 .gitignore *.lo
2014-10-02 Howard ChuITS#7952 .gitignore mdb_dump/load
2014-10-01 Howard ChuDon't use -fPIC for static lib
2014-10-01 Howard ChuUse robust mutexes by default
2014-10-01 Howard ChuUse SysV semaphores instead of POSIX
2014-10-01 Howard ChuMust do dlist_free before releasing Wmutex
2014-10-01 Hallvard FurusethMDB_ROBUST: Use MDB_PID_T. Drop a wmutex variable.
2014-10-01 Howard ChuFree write mutex earlier in txn_reset0
2014-10-01 Hallvard FurusethAdd MDB_ROBUST
2014-09-25 Howard ChuAndroid also only has memalign
2014-09-20 Howard Chunew date LMDB_0.9.14
2014-09-19 Howard ChuITS#7943 reinit txn flags
2014-09-18 Howard ChuPlug leak in 4d02c741b120786df1b87ee9ed49c1d3f9bc7522
2014-09-16 Howard ChuSilence some clang warnings
2014-09-15 Howard ChuRelease 0.9.14
2014-09-13 Quanah Gibson... Change retry to num times 60. Testing shows that on...
2014-09-09 Howard ChuMore for me_pgoldest
2014-09-09 Howard ChuRemember oldest reader txnid
2014-09-04 Howard ChuUse a single write txn
2014-08-24 Howard ChuITS#7913 cleanup
2014-08-22 Howard ChuMore for MIPS
2014-08-18 Howard ChuPartially revert ada26306992babeccad0c5443fbd76e28dd24cd6
2014-08-16 Hallvard FurusethMicrooptimize loose pages
2014-08-16 Hallvard FurusethFix loose pages in mdb_freelist_save().
2014-08-16 Hallvard FurusethSplit out mdb_midl_xmerge, add MDB_IDL_ALLOCLEN
2014-08-11 Howard ChuITS#7917
2014-08-11 Howard ChuITS#7917 fix mdb_dbi_open
2014-08-07 Howard ChuJust use memalign, not posix_memalign
2014-08-04 Howard ChuMore for MIPS
2014-08-04 Howard ChuITS#7793 more for branch key update
2014-08-04 Howard ChuITS#7793 doc update, again
2014-08-04 Howard ChuITS#7793 update branch key if needed
2014-08-02 Howard ChuMore for MIPS
2014-07-31 Howard ChuITS#7913 mdb_cursor_get(*_DUP) cleanup
2014-07-27 Howard ChuFix MIPS cache coherency on Linux
2014-07-24 Howard ChuUpdate date
2014-07-24 Howard Chumore for mdb_cursor_count
2014-07-24 Hallvard FurusethFix mdb_copy & co when MDB pagesize < OS pagesize
2014-07-24 Howard ChuITS#7789 doc updates
2014-07-24 Hallvard FurusethITS#7789 Fix mdb_env_write_meta().
2014-07-24 Howard ChuRevert ITS#7789 commits, let's try this again.
2014-07-22 Howard ChuFix env_open mode bits
2014-07-21 Howard ChuFix mdb_cursor_count, reject uninit'd cursor