2015-03-06 Claude Heiland... moved to <> master
2014-02-02 Kevin MartinFix iteration limit formatting
2014-02-01 Kevin MartinAdjust credits
2014-02-01 Kevin MartinIncrease version
2014-02-01 Kevin MartinSwitch back to old palette, make old palette non modal
2014-02-01 Kevin MartinTidy up super sample type initialisation
2014-02-01 Kevin MartinExport defaults to 9x super sample
2013-12-14 Kevin MartinFix max iterations editting
2013-12-09 stevebumped version from 0.8 to 0.8.1
2013-12-08 steveMerge branch 'NewPaletteEdit' of ssh://git.code.sf...
2013-12-08 stevebasically complete, one minor intermittent interface bug
2013-12-01 Kevin MartinSwitch back to new palette
2013-12-01 Kevin MartinAllow easy switching between palette systems
2013-11-16 Kevin MartinUndo accidental commit of test code
2013-10-29 Kevin MartinMerge branch 'NewPaletteEdit' of ssh://git.code.sf...
2013-10-29 stevebumped the verion to 0.7
2013-10-29 stevefixed palette initialization bug, updated palette library
2013-10-27 Kevin MartinImprove accuracy of extra exponent calculations.
2013-10-26 Kevin MartinMerge branch 'NewPaletteEdit' of ssh://git.code.sf...
2013-10-26 Kevin MartinMore fixes for zooms past 1e-280
2013-10-26 Kevin MartinFix bug for zooms past 1e-280
2013-10-26 stevefixed a scaling bug in the color mixer. The color...
2013-10-25 stevesignificant changes to color mixing: adding/subtracting...
2013-10-23 steverefined palette control and defaults
2013-10-23 stevemuch better color control ranges and parameters
2013-10-23 steveadded simple colormap viewer, discovered several issues...
2013-10-20 steveadded palette library
2013-10-20 stevefixed hsl2rgb so hue = 360 is handled properly
2013-10-19 Kevin MartinRemove stray plus
2013-10-19 Kevin MartinFix issue where region around repeater point is not...
2013-10-17 steveset shape parameter to 0.01 before use in cases where...
2013-10-16 stevechanged version, palette now appears at startup.
2013-10-16 steveremoved diagnostic console messages
2013-10-16 stevefixed warning in a declaration
2013-10-16 stevecandidate release of new palette controls
2013-10-13 Kevin MartinBetter fix for warning
2013-10-13 Kevin MartinStop crash with large sizes
2013-10-13 Kevin MartinFix issue with 'secondary details' selection due to...
2013-10-12 Kevin MartinChange copyright messages, fix warnings.
2013-10-12 Kevin MartinAdding files from Steve Bryson
2013-10-12 Kevin MartinRename old palette code
2013-10-12 Kevin MartinRename files to be replaced
2013-06-16 Kevin MartinVersion increase
2013-06-16 Kevin MartinFix rounding of the size
2013-06-08 Kevin MartinAllow user to enter sizes less than 1E-308
2013-06-01 Kevin MartinIncrease version version_0.4
2013-06-01 Kevin MartinMove some interfaces
2013-06-01 Kevin MartinAttempt to fix some issues with commas in the iteration...
2013-06-01 Kevin MartinFix some max iterations bugs
2013-06-01 Kevin MartinFix some max iterations bugs
2013-06-01 Kevin MartinFix saving of the size for zooms >1e308
2013-06-01 Kevin MartinFix some warnings
2013-05-26 Kevin MartinAdd gpl comment version_0.3.1
2013-05-26 Kevin MartinIncrease version
2013-05-26 Kevin MartinGet JNLP working again
2013-05-26 Kevin MartinSeparate palette jnlp code
2013-05-25 Kevin Martinseparate out export png jnlp
2013-05-25 Kevin MartinSeparate JNLP open/save
2013-05-25 Kevin MartinSeparate out sftcomponent class
2013-05-25 Kevin MartinShow system memory in export dialog
2013-05-25 Kevin MartinFix white Mandelbrot set when super sampling is off
2013-05-25 Kevin MartinSome gpl stuff in about box
2013-05-25 Kevin MartinCatch out of memory when building png for export
2013-05-25 Kevin MartinFix hang when finding best reference point for some...
2013-05-21 Kevin MartinFix some comments
2013-05-19 Kevin MartinInitial commit