2013-10-12 Kevin MartinRename old palette code
2013-10-12 Kevin MartinRename files to be replaced
2013-06-16 Kevin MartinVersion increase
2013-06-16 Kevin MartinFix rounding of the size
2013-06-08 Kevin MartinAllow user to enter sizes less than 1E-308
2013-06-01 Kevin MartinIncrease version version_0.4
2013-06-01 Kevin MartinMove some interfaces
2013-06-01 Kevin MartinAttempt to fix some issues with commas in the iteration...
2013-06-01 Kevin MartinFix some max iterations bugs
2013-06-01 Kevin MartinFix some max iterations bugs
2013-06-01 Kevin MartinFix saving of the size for zooms >1e308
2013-06-01 Kevin MartinFix some warnings
2013-05-26 Kevin MartinAdd gpl comment version_0.3.1
2013-05-26 Kevin MartinIncrease version
2013-05-26 Kevin MartinGet JNLP working again
2013-05-26 Kevin MartinSeparate palette jnlp code
2013-05-25 Kevin Martinseparate out export png jnlp
2013-05-25 Kevin MartinSeparate JNLP open/save
2013-05-25 Kevin MartinSeparate out sftcomponent class
2013-05-25 Kevin MartinShow system memory in export dialog
2013-05-25 Kevin MartinFix white Mandelbrot set when super sampling is off
2013-05-25 Kevin MartinSome gpl stuff in about box
2013-05-25 Kevin MartinCatch out of memory when building png for export
2013-05-25 Kevin MartinFix hang when finding best reference point for some...
2013-05-21 Kevin MartinFix some comments
2013-05-19 Kevin MartinInitial commit