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2015-03-06 Claude Heiland... moved to <> master
2015-01-20 Claude Heiland... debug shaders as well as programs
2015-01-20 Claude Heiland... OS X bugs
2015-01-20 Claude Heiland... OS X build system and documentation
2015-01-20 Claude Heiland... rewrite build system: make SYSTEM=system
2015-01-20 Claude Heiland... only include perturbation metadata for fpxx
2015-01-20 Claude Heiland... re-order window hints to glfw faq
2015-01-20 Claude Heiland... use an explicit format in date instead of --iso=s
2015-01-20 Claude Heiland... OS X bugs
2015-01-20 Claude Heiland... correct frappuccino CPU
2015-01-19 Claude Heiland... post-release version bump
2015-01-19 Claude Heiland... mightymandel v16 stable release v16
2015-01-19 Claude Heiland... update documentation (sections instead of subpages)
2015-01-19 Claude Heiland... tweak dox html formatting
2015-01-18 Claude Heiland... zigzag example from
2015-01-17 Claude Heiland... using git for doc version filter fails
7 years ago v16 mightymandel v16 stable release
7 years ago v15 mightymandel v15 stable release
7 years ago v14 mightymandel v14 stable release
7 years ago v13 mightymandel v13 stable release
7 years ago v12 mightymandel v12 stable release
7 years ago v11 use OpenGL 4.1 to avoid proprietary...
7 years ago v10 OpenGL Core Profile support and...
7 years ago v9 high resolution tiled rendering...
7 years ago v8 automatic glitch correction
7 years ago v7 switched from gtk2 to glfw3
7 years ago v6 pseudo-de fake distance estimate...
9 years ago v5 command line flag disables fp64...
9 years ago v4 no longer needs anansi
9 years ago v3 improved usability and appearance
9 years ago v2 use float or double as required
9 years ago v1 dancing angels
7 years ago master