[maximus:mandulia.git] / mandulia.cabal
2013-01-15 Claude Heiland-Allenv0.7.0.1 v0.7.0.1
2013-01-15 Claude Heiland-Allenupdate maintainer email address
2010-08-14 Claude Heiland-Allenv0.7 smooth-as v0.7
2010-08-14 Claude Heiland-Allendisable hardcore optimizations by default
2010-07-25 Claude Heiland-Allenbump version
2010-07-25 Claude Heiland-Allenbump version number; add note about SSE4 flag
2010-07-23 Claude Heiland-Allenadditional file to distribute
2010-07-12 Claude Heiland-Allenfix base dependency to allow successful compilation...
2010-07-12 Claude Heiland-Allenbump cabal version to use source-repository sections
2010-07-12 Claude Heiland-Alleninclude HACKING documentation
2010-07-12 Claude Heiland-Allenrename files that might compile to files with indisting...
2010-07-12 Claude Heiland-Allengenerate ChangeLog for sdist
2010-07-12 Claude Heiland-Allenobey semantics of coding standards - NEWS is terse...
2010-07-12 Claude Heiland-Allenfix cabal sdist problems
2010-07-12 Claude Heiland-Allensupport user app data dir and relative-to-file paths...
2010-07-12 Claude Heiland-Allenlimit GHC RTS heap size to 2GB
2010-07-12 Claude Heiland-Allenloosen dependency versions until someone complains
2010-07-12 Claude Heiland-Allenfix syntax errors and missing depends, add more info
2010-07-12 Claude Heiland-Allenfirst step at cabalization