[maximus:mandulia.git] / src / Interface.hs
2013-01-15 Claude Heiland-Allenupdate maintainer email address
2010-08-01 Claude Heiland-Allencopy statistics from Haskell to Lua
2010-07-25 Claude Heiland-Allenstrictify to avoid memory leak
2010-07-12 Claude Heiland-Allenfull screen support
2010-07-12 Claude Heiland-Allenfix it so it works
2010-07-12 Claude Heiland-Allensupport user app data dir and relative-to-file paths...
2010-07-12 Claude Heiland-Allensupport both explicit filenames for load and short...
2010-07-12 Claude Heiland-Allentry require() if loadfile fails
2010-07-12 Claude Heiland-Allenuse cabal's Paths_pkgname; pop Lua stack to avoid overflow
2010-07-12 Claude Heiland-Allenthe great renaming (part 1)