workaround mplayer stdout 'SSE2 detected' on some systems by reverting to fifo
[maximus:fractal-channel-hopping.git] /
2011-11-30 Claude Heiland-Allenworkaround mplayer stdout 'SSE2 detected' on some syste... v4
2011-11-30 Claude Heiland-Allenmuchly simplified startup script (each channel is just...
2011-11-25 Claude Heiland-Allenresample from the correct rate; non-hq so that CPU...
2011-11-23 Claude Heiland-Allenspawn mplayer/ecasound for each channel's audio
2011-11-22 Claude Heiland-Allenuse proper paths
2011-11-22 Claude Heiland-Allenuse relative paths for aux progs
2011-11-22 Claude Heiland-Allenmake output window size / recording configurable (at...
2011-11-21 Claude Heiland-Allendisable recording
2011-11-21 Claude Heiland-Allenboilerplate
2011-11-21 Claude Heiland-Alleninitial commit