update maintainer email
[maximus:emndl.git] / Makefile
2013-02-18 Claude Heiland-Allenupdate maintainer email
2011-08-29 Claude Heiland-Allenrestore openmp
2011-08-12 Claude Heiland-Allenemndl auto mu atom refiner
2011-08-11 Claude Heiland-Allenbuild system
2011-08-08 Claude Heiland-Allenworkaround bugs in pd -batch
2011-08-07 Claude Heiland-Allenbuild system
2011-06-03 Claude Heiland-Allenbuild system
2011-06-03 Claude Heiland-Alleninstall pd files; use pd files as installed
2011-05-05 Claude Heiland-Allenmore warnings, missed some clean
2011-04-22 Claude Heiland-Allenfix install
2011-04-22 Claude Heiland-Allenmake install and documentation
2011-04-22 Claude Heiland-Allensimplified build system
2011-04-22 Claude Heiland-Allenbundle faster ppmtoy4m variant
2011-04-21 Claude Heiland-Allendon't build autotuner by defualt as ghc with integer...
2011-04-21 Claude Heiland-Allenclean cleaner
2011-04-21 Claude Heiland-Allenadd proper autotuner; sort Makefile
2011-04-21 Claude Heiland-Allenremove useless autotuner
2011-04-21 Claude Heiland-Allenuse openmp for multicore exploitation
2011-04-21 Claude Heiland-Allenbuild/ignore emndl_downscale
2011-04-06 Claude Heiland-Allencopyright/license boilerplate (enough for a battleship...)
2011-04-06 Claude Heiland-Allenclean up generated files
2011-04-06 Claude Heiland-Allenbuild autotune
2011-02-06 Claude Heiland-Allenunwarp
2011-02-03 Claude Heiland-Allenbuild pretty
2011-02-03 Claude Heiland-Allenfix large files
2011-02-02 Claude Heiland-Alleninitialize/iterate/finalize