describe embedded julia sets
[maximus:emndl.git] / emndl_colourize.c
2013-06-05 Claude Heiland-Allendescribe embedded julia sets
2013-06-05 Claude Heiland-Allenperturbation based calculations
2012-11-07 Claude Heiland-Allendisable newton/period colouring
2012-11-06 Claude Heiland-Allennewton stuff
2012-07-04 Claude Heiland-Allenadd another channel with target atom period domain
2011-08-07 Claude Heiland-Allenbig stuff
2011-05-05 Claude Heiland-Allenuse FILE instead of fd throughout, for possible bufferi...
2011-04-06 Claude Heiland-Allencopyright/license boilerplate (enough for a battleship...)
2011-02-26 Claude Heiland-Allencompute and use distance estimate for colouring
2011-02-02 Claude Heiland-Allencolourize