perturbation based calculations
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2013-06-05 Claude Heiland-Allenperturbation based calculations
2012-11-07 Claude Heiland-Allenuse single worker for initial iterations
2012-11-07 Claude Heiland-Allenprune dead code
2012-11-07 Claude Heiland-Allendisable newton calculation for now
2012-11-06 Claude Heiland-Allennewton stuff
2012-07-04 Claude Heiland-Allenadd another channel with target atom period domain
2011-08-29 Claude Heiland-Allentweak bits; less verbosity
2011-08-14 Claude Heiland-Allenfix memory leak by using priority queue
2011-08-11 Claude Heiland-Allenretool to use mpfr when precision mandates it; cache...
2011-08-07 Claude Heiland-Allenbig stuff
2011-06-03 Claude Heiland-Allenversion bump
2011-06-03 Claude Heiland-Allennew threaded renderer with connectedness optimisations