perturbation based calculations
[maximus:emndl.git] / emndl_automu.c
2013-06-05 Claude Heiland-Allenperturbation based calculations
2012-11-07 Claude Heiland-Allenpower law for search radius
2012-11-07 Claude Heiland-Allengfx to stderr
2012-11-06 Claude Heiland-Allenback out previous rescaling; usage message
2012-11-06 Claude Heiland-Allenrescale search
2012-05-30 Claude Heiland-Allenreject multiples and other tweaks
2012-05-29 Claude Heiland-Allenfix bug in setting precision
2012-05-29 Claude Heiland-Allenprogress reports to stderr
2011-08-29 Claude Heiland-Allenminor tweaks to size scaling and width
2011-08-16 Claude Heiland-Allenprune unused vars
2011-08-14 Claude Heiland-Allenprettier block graphics
2011-08-14 Claude Heiland-Allenremove stack allocation; allow 0 args for more auto
2011-08-14 Claude Heiland-Allenmore verbosity; randomized search
2011-08-14 Claude Heiland-Allensupport mpfr<3
2011-08-14 Claude Heiland-Allenuse image only for top level, deeper levels can assume...
2011-08-13 Claude Heiland-Allenrecursive image search with backtracking
2011-08-12 Claude Heiland-Allenemndl auto mu atom refiner