perturbation based calculations
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2011-08-14 Claude Heiland-Allendone some todos
2011-06-03 Claude Heiland-Allendone some todo
2011-06-03 Claude Heiland-Allendone a todo
2011-05-07 Claude Heiland-Allenvideo soundtracks
2011-05-06 Claude Heiland-Allenspeed up unwarping with inline and openmp
2011-05-06 Claude Heiland-Allenmore to do
2011-05-05 Claude Heiland-Allenuse FILE instead of fd throughout, for possible bufferi...
2011-04-22 Claude Heiland-Allenclean up
2011-04-22 Claude Heiland-Allendone some todo
2011-04-21 Claude Heiland-Allenremove obsolete items
2011-04-21 Claude Heiland-Alleneven more todo items
2011-04-21 Claude Heiland-Allenmore ideas for enhancement
2011-04-21 Claude Heiland-Allenfeature requests
2011-04-21 Claude Heiland-Allensome notes about using emndl_downscale, still to integr...
2011-04-06 Claude Heiland-Allencopyright/license boilerplate (enough for a battleship...)
2011-04-06 Claude Heiland-Allenrename file