last changeWed, 4 May 2011 16:06:56 +0000 (17:06 +0100)
2011-05-04 rgladwellAttempted to collate transitive package dependencies... master
2011-05-03 rgladwellAttempt to read recursive dependencies and build vapi...
2011-05-03 rgladwellAdded vapi dependencies to source files for compilation
2011-05-02 Ricardo Gladwelladded support for vapi-only projects
2011-05-02 Ricardo Gladwelladded support for gobject introspection metadata genera...
2011-04-27 rgladwellFixed process resources for vala-plugin-maven-plugin
2011-04-26 rgladwellAdded mojo to copy *.h header and *.so shared object...
2011-04-26 rgladwellCompleted support for compiling with shared libraries.
2011-04-26 Ricardo Gladwelladded support for linking shared libraries (not working)
2011-04-24 Ricardo Gladwelladded debug mode
2011-04-23 Ricardo Gladwellcompile with debug info
2011-04-23 Ricardo Gladwelltidy
2011-04-22 Ricardo GladwellFixed lifecycle
2011-04-21 rgladwellSeparated library and executable mojos
2011-04-20 rgladwellAdded support for install:install plugin
2011-04-20 rgladwelltidy
7 years ago master