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2013-06-05 Franklin S... Add support for application icons for various resolutions master
2013-06-05 Franklin S... Add php page to allow commands to be executed
2013-06-05 Franklin S... Add support for HTML 5 applications
2012-05-01 Jeff Lancematrix-gui-v2: Enhance to all allow double quotes on...
2012-04-04 Chase MaupinMakefile: Add a simple makefile for build clean install
2012-01-30 Franklin S... matrix-gui-v2: Auto Resolution Detection
2012-01-27 Franklin S... matrix-gui-v2: Fix bug with .desktop and Json.txt files
2012-01-27 Franklin S... matrix-gui-v2: Bug fixes generation-fix
2012-01-23 Chase MaupinLICENSE: clarify licensing
2011-12-23 Franklin S... matrix-gui-v2: Generate json.txt file when needed
2011-12-22 Franklin S... matrix-gui-v2: Matrix v2 restructuring
2011-11-30 Franklin Cooper Jrmatrix-gui: Set icon image for Remote Matrix to 96x96
2011-11-30 Franklin Cooper Jrmatrix-gui: Added support for tab character
2011-11-22 Franklin Cooper Jrmatrix_gui: Updated to use the new refresh screen appli...
2011-11-21 Franklin Cooper Jrmatrix-gui: Added License information and Modified...
2011-11-21 Franklin Cooper Jrmatrix-gui: Updated some various visual aspects of...
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