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2013-02-03 Dan ScottAdd a test / example for appending a datafield master
2013-02-03 Dan Scott Factor marc21.go into record and field files
2012-12-26 Dan ScottUpdate doc strings to match godoc conventions
2012-12-26 Dan ScottAdd a test for Record.String()
2012-12-26 Dan ScottWhitespace - run "go fmt"
2012-12-26 Dan ScottAdd a test for GetSubFields
2012-12-26 Dan ScottTest the record.getFields() method
2012-12-26 Dan ScottAdd a test for the MARC21XML transform
2012-12-20 Dan ScottUse encoding/xml to generate MARCXML
2012-12-20 Dan ScottDisambiguate record template from record object
2012-12-20 Dan ScottUpdate location of marc21 package repo
2012-12-19 Dan ScottWorking test under Go 1.0.3 - yay!
2012-12-16 wwadd a license for Dan Scott
2011-05-07 wwfix charset/encodingf
2011-05-07 wwdocs
2011-05-07 wwinitial revision
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