MapWizard: move most recently used URL on top of static server history (and make...
[marble:marble.git] / TODO
2010-06-30 nienhueserThis is a dummy commit to verify my identity for freeno...
2009-07-21 Torsten Rahn- Forward port of 1000421
2008-10-19 Torsten Rahn- Clearing the placemark list if another planet gets...
2008-08-15 Inge WallinMake TODO more up to date
2008-08-08 Jens-Michael HoffmannUpdate TODO.
2008-07-20 Torsten Rahn- Fixing the remaining issues with the Mercator projection
2008-07-19 Inge Wallinsome small changes to TODO
2008-06-08 Inge WallinMake TODO a little more up to date
2008-05-24 Inge WallinMove globeCoversImage to the projection classes and...
2008-05-23 Inge WallinMove handling of the active region to the projection...
2008-05-23 Jens-Michael HoffmannAdd expiration and search for OpenStreetMap.
2008-05-23 Jens-Michael HoffmannAdd my name to the TODO file and mark two items as...
2008-05-23 Jens-Michael HoffmannConvert tabs to spaces.
2008-05-22 Inge WallinDo not forget the settings
2008-05-20 Torsten Rahn- Update ChangeLog
2008-05-19 Inge WallinTODO more up to date
2008-05-17 Inge WallinUpdated TODO in a big way
2008-05-01 Inge Wallinfix a SVN Conflict in TODO
2008-04-25 Inge WallinMake TODO more consistent and do some updates. More...
2008-04-25 Torsten Rahn- Updated TODO ...
2008-04-20 Torsten Rahn- Patch by Jens-Michael Hoffmann: Add TODO item for...
2008-02-25 Inge Wallinmake TODO a little more uptodate
2008-02-12 Inge WallinFix class documentation after the split widget -> widge...
2008-02-12 Inge WallinOnly show tile creation dialog in the Widget, not the...
2008-02-09 Inge Wallin* API Change: Take a Projection instead of int where...
2008-02-09 Inge WallinFix resize and change of projection for real.
2008-02-04 Inge WallinFix TODO
2008-02-01 Inge Wallinresolve conflicts
2008-01-30 Torsten Rahnfix
2008-01-30 Torsten RahnUpdated TODO
2008-01-28 Torsten RahnUpdating TODO
2008-01-26 Inge WallinDefine the legend in DGML.
2008-01-26 Inge WallinChanged TODO to reflect what we want to do
2008-01-21 Torsten Rahn- More small adjustments
2008-01-17 Inge WallinFix the last bug(?) with max/min Zoom in dgml file.
2008-01-14 Inge Wallinresolve conflicts in TODO
2008-01-14 Torsten Rahn- Follow-up task for Ingwa ;-)
2008-01-06 Torsten Rahn - Bumping up version number.
2008-01-05 Torsten Rahn- Adding some more bugs to be fixed ASAP
2008-01-05 Torsten Rahn- Small translation fix (need to try this in trunk...
2008-01-05 Inge WallinWork in progress for TODOs for 4.1
2008-01-04 Torsten RahnUpdating TODO again
2008-01-04 Torsten RahnUpdating TODO again
2008-01-04 Torsten RahnUpdate to the TODO file
2008-01-04 Torsten Rahn4.0.1 TODO
2007-12-31 Inge WallinFix bug 154700: Newly downloaded maps are not usable...
2007-12-31 Torsten Rahn- Updated Todo,
2007-12-31 Torsten RahnUpdated TODO
2007-12-31 Torsten RahnUpdating TODO
2007-12-30 Torsten RahnTODO updated
2007-12-30 Inge WallinMake TODO up to date
2007-12-30 Inge Wallinnew task
2007-12-30 Torsten Rahn - Fixed order of Feature appearance (still could
2007-12-28 Inge WallinUpdate TODO
2007-12-28 Inge WallinUpdate TODO
2007-12-28 Inge WallinUpdate TODO
2007-12-27 Torsten RahnTODO for ingwa's insight
2007-12-27 Torsten Rahn - Save Projection in Qt interface
2007-12-15 Torsten Rahntokoe has done the image downloading already ...
2007-11-12 Inge WallinAdd Apidox
2007-11-12 Inge WallinRefactor the TODO file, and remove the 'planned' releas...
2007-11-12 Inge WallinAdd APIDOX
2007-11-12 Inge WallinAdd APIDOX
2007-11-11 Inge WallinMake TODO file more up to date
2007-11-11 Inge WallinCommit ChangeLog that was forgotten in the last commit
2007-09-17 Inge WallinFinish APIDOX for the MarbleNavigator
2007-09-17 Inge WallinMain page of apidox done
2007-09-05 Inge WallinAdded documentation TODOs
2007-09-01 Inge WallinOne new task and one done task
2007-08-30 Torsten Rahn- URL for time zone data
2007-08-26 Inge WallinSome things are DONE
2007-08-22 Inge WallinSome new TODOs
2007-08-21 Inge WallinCamelCasing is done
2007-08-21 Inge WallinRename files according to the coding standards: TinyWeb...
2007-08-21 Inge WallinRename files according to the coding standards: VectorC...
2007-08-21 Inge WallinRename files according to the coding standards: VectorMap
2007-08-21 Inge WallinRename files according to the coding standards: XmlHandler
2007-08-21 Inge WallinRemove obsolete class SearchComboBox
2007-08-19 Inge WallinRename files according to the coding standards: PlaceMa...
2007-08-19 Inge WallinName changes according to the coding standards:
2007-08-19 Inge WallinName changes according to the coding standards for...
2007-08-19 Inge WallinKrazy issues:
2007-08-19 Inge Wallin* Rename public class SearchListView into MarbleSearchL...
2007-08-19 Inge WallinFixed ChangeLog and TODO to reflect the release of...
2007-08-18 Inge Wallind-pointerify MarbleDirs
2007-08-18 Inge WallinAdded renaming tasks to TODO
2007-08-18 Torsten Rahn- DONEing some items on the TODO
2007-08-18 Inge WallinRestructured TODO file somewhat
2007-08-18 Inge WallinPrepare the TODO file for the release of version 0.4
2007-08-18 Inge WallinKAtlas is gone! The task is done! (how's that for...
2007-08-17 Inge WallinRename KAtlasControl into ControlView
2007-08-16 Inge WallinFinally get rid of all mentions of windrose
2007-08-16 Inge WallinRename KAtlasTileCreatorDialog into TileCreatorDialog
2007-08-16 Inge WallinRename KAtlasMapScale into MapScaleFloatItem according...
2007-08-16 Inge WallinRename KAtlasWindRose into CompassFloatItem
2007-08-16 Inge WallinRename KAtlasCrossHair into CrossHairFloatItem accordin...
2007-08-15 Inge WallinFailed to commit this when committing the last change
2007-08-14 Inge WallinRename katlasthemeselectview into MarbleThemeSelectView:
2007-08-14 Inge WallinSome more TODOs
2007-08-11 Inge WallinTrivial cleaning: make it adhere to the coding standards