REVIEW: 6622
[marble:marble.git] / src / plasmoid / worldclock.h
2011-03-20 Cristian OnețREVIEW: 6622
2009-11-15 Dennis NienhüserDo not assume fonts are arbitrarily scalable.
2009-08-17 Jens-Michael HoffmannCoding style: opening braces of structs, classes, funct...
2008-12-18 Henry de ValenceRemove containment stuff since fregl's wallpaper makes...
2008-12-03 Frederik GladhornNo need to check for 0 when deleting a pointer.
2008-12-03 Henry de ValenceReenable build of World Clock and fix the custom TZ...
2008-11-09 Henry de ValenceFix dates, make them set by system setting...
2008-11-08 Henry de ValenceChanges focused around refactoring the config dialog:
2008-10-11 Henry de ValenceAdd option to show just the map and not the time
2008-10-11 Henry de ValenceRemove unnecessary kDebug() as well as improve function...
2008-10-11 Henry de ValenceMake sure that m_lastRect is not initialized from the...
2008-10-11 Henry de ValenceAdd multiple projection support for the plasmoid
2008-10-08 Henry de ValenceMake the plasmoid work again
2008-07-09 Henry de ValenceUpdate plasmoid with a couple things:
2008-06-12 Henry de Valencefixes compile errors
2008-05-23 Henry de ValenceTry to fix ebn errors
2008-05-23 Henry de ValenceMore work. Only things that need doing now are:
2008-05-17 Henry de ValenceSome reformatting and extra checks; tooltips etc in...
2008-05-17 Henry de ValenceBetter font scaling and more customization, including:
2008-05-16 Henry de ValenceIt finally works and is pretty.
2008-05-16 Henry de Valencemade it work!
2008-05-16 Henry de ValenceSort of works but it still doesn't really.
2008-05-16 Henry de ValenceFix'd so that it stops crashing because of an empty...
2008-05-14 Henry de ValenceMore work, still crashes on mouseover...
2008-05-14 Henry de ValenceNow compiles, but crashes on mouseover.
2008-05-13 Henry de ValenceMore work
2008-04-18 Laurent MontelTry to fix compile
2008-04-17 Patrick Spendrinkrazy fixes by claudiu covaci
2008-04-05 Henry de ValenceWorking towards getting a designer-aware widget
2008-04-04 Henry de Valencemoved the marble-based worldclock into marble